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12 Best Destinations for Family Vacations In India To Have A Luxury Tour

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Best Destinations for Family Vacation In India

Last Updated on January 21, 2022 by Aaron Thompson

India is a destination chosen by a wide number of tourists every year to please their families with the beautiful and mesmerizing beauty of the places in India. All the visitors who choose to have a vacation in India always go back home with a bucket full of wonder full memories and experiences that oppress them to plan another tour to India. And when we are talking about the vacation it includes vacations or tours with all the themes and luxury.

If this time you want to opt for a Luxury India tour packages for you and your family then you must be looking for luxury destinations in India. So, check the exclusive list below.


Goa for family vacation in India

If you want to have a blissful vacation in India then Goa will be the perfect destination with a combination of bliss and luxury. Goa has beautiful beaches where you can soak yourself in its scenery. Apart from the lovely beaches, Goa also has numerous heritages and cultural sites to visit. You can also visit British-era churches for colonial period glimpses of India. It is also listed as one of the prominent destinations for a honeymoon.


The city of royalty and leisure is the other name of Jaipur. This place will be the perfect destination to live a lavish holiday in India. Your family will definitely love the royal hospitality and the vibrant traditions and culture of Rajasthan. Above all the delicious cuisine at Chokhi Dhani will become the favorite of each family member. The royalness and diversity of the pink city with its ancient palaces and monuments are enough to give you a perfect leisure experience.


Udaipur best family vacation destination

Udaipur is the other royal point in Rajsthan that serves you the same royal hospitality as other places in Rajsthan do. The resorts and the luxury palaces in Udaipur enhance the grace and elegance of luxury tourism. The beautiful hills and Lake Pichola make the place more alluring to destine for your luxury vacation. It is also considered the most romantic place in India, which you can also confirm after having a romantic vacation there.


The city of Dreams, Mumbai is not only famous for Bollywood but also is famous for alluring sites and vacation spots. The entire city is also well known for its luxury and leisure travels. The entire city is full of luxury hotels and resorts that make the vacation a perfect luxury one. If you like to give your family a proper modern luxury experience the Mumbai should be your destination.


The capital city is another major tourist destination in India with numerous beautiful and magnificent places to visit. For a family tour with luxury, this will be an idol destination. You can experience the most expensive resorts and hotels over here with lovely places for sightseeing. You can take your family to view monuments such as India Gate, Red Fort, etc, and the high-profile malls of Delhi for shopping.


Pondicherry the perfect destination in india for family vacations

Pondicherry is one of the most peaceful destinations to travel for luxury and a calm environment. When you are selecting a southern destination such as this, you can expect a calm place where you and your family can stay away from the city crowd. Apart from the calm surrounding, you can witness some of the most luxurious cafes and resorts over here with spa and treatment facilities. You can also visit the nearby places and the beaches over here.


Kumarakom is one of the best places for travelers to enjoy luxury and scenic beauty in southern India. People often visit this place to get mesmerized by the beautiful islands and coastal sites. The best thing about the place is the opulence resorts by the side of Vembanad Lake. The nightlife in this place is just so mesmerizing that you cannot remove it from your mind fo entire life.


Chennai is one of the most developed cities of India and the major attraction place in South India. This is the perfect destination in India to get glimpses of southern Indian culture. You can enjoy a new culture and traditions with luxury over here.


The colorful land of india

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal and also the center of attraction for the people visiting West Bengal. The place is full of beautiful attractions and architecture. You have a lot to witness here such as the festivals and the variety of culture and traditions.


Chandigarh is a perfect modern city that has been constructed with well-developed plans. The city has exceptionally beautiful architecture to show. Chandigarh is the best gateway for the god land Himachal Pradesh. The place is the best one to reside or stay in to enjoy leisure while traveling to any nearby tourist destinations.

Guwahati, Assam

Assam is the perfect destination where you can land for luxurious places in India. This northeastern state has so much to offer along with the splendid picturesque. The particular place where you will get more of the luxury feeling is Guwahati. When in Guwahati do not forget to go for a ferry ride in the small and big islands. You can spend your day roaming around the rich heritage places in Guwahati. By the end of the tour spend the other time in the luxurious resorts in Guwahati.


Darjeeling the best family vacation destination

The most famous hill station of India that lies in the lap of West Bengal is Darjeeling. It is famous for the beautiful hills, climates, tea gardens, tourists spots, and luxury resorts. So, it can be stated as the ultimate destination with all in one package. Here you can witness some of the very beautiful churches built in the British Era which are popular for their beautiful architecture. You can also enjoy the ride on the chu-chu train through which you can witness the beautiful landscapes, hills, and valleys of Darjeeling.


Therefore, this was the list of the places in India that gives you the perfect luxury family vacation in India. So, pick the destinations, make the itinerary, and choose the package for you and your family.

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