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9 Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Life

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Last Updated on July 17, 2021 by Aaron Thompson

Everyone goes through this phase; the struggle to find a purpose and the courage to get out of bed and do the same thing that hurts you, but that’s life. It’s difficult to feel motivated and optimistic after all of the emotional aches.

It is natural for humans to feel exhausted, broken, numb, or nothing at all. We are not expected to always interpret the correct things for ourselves and then put them into action. It’s a sign of being human; to drain out and act as if all is well because no one is too open and always willing to listen to your nonsense. Is that correct?

I’m writing this because I, too, go through this at times because life was never meant to be a bed of roses, but it’s also not a bed of thorns; we must strike a balance between the thorns and the roses to live, shine, and stand out. This is the type of motivation that we all require; at some stage in our lives, we feel mentally and physically exhausted, and there is no inspiring story that can help us return to a normal life. However, we must remain inspired to face the bitter-sweet moments.


So, today, I’m going to share some of the ways to stay motivated and proud of yourself during your life’s highs and lows. Let us hope that some of the most tried and true methods that have worked for me will help you feel better as well.

Let’s get started.

  1. Know your worth:

The KEY to feeling motivated enough to rejoin the world and your social circle is to appreciate and value yourself. It has been the most difficult for me to accept myself as I am; I have never felt worthy enough for my family, friends, or anyone else, but overcoming the problem of not being enough for yourself is critical for survival.

You must realize that not the whole world, but some of the people who live in it, live by seeing you happy. This could be your relatives, cousins, or best friends; it could be anybody, but some people love you and want to see you motivated enough to own yourself.  

Know your worth
  • Get dressed the best in the town: 

Yes, indeed! According to research, the majority of our inspiration and feelings of motivation come to life when we dress appropriately. Put on your best outfit and ditch the dingy pajamas that make you feel more like a patient. Even if you don’t have somewhere to go, get dressed, look in the mirror, and thank yourself for getting out of bed. Try rewarding yourself with these small acts; they will undoubtedly inspire you. 

  • Make a to-do-list:

Whenever you feel drained out; make a to-do list. Yes? That may sound weird but it works. Having set your chores for the day will kick you to get up and fulfill those responsibilities because you are not useless, you have some commitments which are very important to accomplish.

  • Stay away from toxicity:

Toxic environments can never inspire you to believe in yourself; thus, you must avoid toxicity in your life. Now, if it’ s people or places that make you feel that way, just avoid them. Concentrate on being thankful, even though you have little to be grateful for. But isn’t the fact that you’re breathing enough to make you feel thankful; grateful that you’re alive amid all the ups and downs you face every day? 

  • Exercise regularly:

I know this sounds unattainable when you don’t even have the energy to get out of bed. But you can call that the first step towards your goal to feel motivated  

Find ways to drive yourself into the best opportunities that await you.

A small walk to your nearby park can lift your mood entirely. The greenery and the stroke of fresh air on your face and mind will blossom your heart. Do give it a try. Just be sure to listen to your body.

exercise regularly and be motivated
  • Don’t overload everything:

Give yourself some time, you’re physically and mentally week body needs some time to be back on the track. Do not overburden and over schedule yourself in the pursuit of feeling inspired and doing something to achieve that motivation. Take a deep breath. It will not happen overnight. It will take some of your valuable time. Allow yourself to go with the flow.

Congratulate yourself for completing even the smallest mission. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be proud of yourself; it will raise your morale and inspire you for the rest of your life.

  • Socialize:

Choose a few people who love and appreciate you; hang out with them, and allow yourself to socialize with them when you are in the mood. Your social life effect on your motivation, so choose your friends wisely. Don’t hang out with people who detract from your happiness and trust.

motivated by socializing
  • Learn to forgive:

It makes a big difference in your personality if you don’t punish or shout at someone who has done you wrong. It gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Forgiving simply means letting go of your anger, hurt, and need for vengeance. Accepting that what happened is in the past and that humans make mistakes will relieve you of your burden. It will take you down the road of feeling motivated.

  • Get enough sleep:

Not getting enough sleep will make it difficult to stay motivated. Sleeping too much or too little can have an effect on your lifestyle; create a sleep schedule. Get at least eight hours of sleep. Oversleeping may also have effect on your mind. Depression will physically drain you if you don’t get enough sleep. 

These are some of the ways to stay motivated and energetic enough to face life head- on. I’m sure you won’t feel motivated on the first try. But it’s never too late to continue to feel better. Do try these methods and let me know how they worked for you while you were struggling to stay motivated.

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