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Advantages and Process of self-learning

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Last Updated on July 17, 2021 by Aaron Thompson

With everything available at students’ fingertips, it’s less difficult than ever for students to learn any concept by themselves. Self-learning is becoming a popular way to engage college students with what they are learning in class. Students have the access to so many sources. Because of that now, mastering a new concept can occur everywhere, anytime, without the schoolroom.

Society, and mainly younger people, are provided with the perception that their exams are the way to measure their ‘intelligence’. And, therefore, the method of measuring their worth in society. Traditional tests (closed books) determine one’s capability to regurgitate data. We are asked to learn the same thing that humans across the globe are learning — curriculum-based studying.  But every person has their own talents and skills. We test a fish by its ability to climb a tree. Our destiny relies on our capacity to ask questions and solving real-world problems. Exams are not suitable for this cause and are potentially unfavorable to our health. So, in this regard self-learning comes handy.


Self-studying is a new form of learning. It has not only replaced traditional, academic learning, but it is proven to be more effective. Self-directed learning has been verified to be powerful, handy, and rapid, thanks to the resources available to us today. These days, you may learn how to do nearly whatever via a simple google click, through watching YouTube videos, and by simply virtually studying education manuals. Self-studying is equipping human beings with skills that are relevant to their day-to-day activities. But, this will be a tough form of acquiring knowledge even for the brightest students, because it requires lots of discipline.

Advantages of self-learning

Here are some advantages of self-learning that will definitely benefit you.

Choosing your favorite mode of learning

First and foremost you can choose in which way you want to learn according to your own wish. YouTube tutorials, webinars, books, or another mode of gaining knowledge is at your disposal. While you are the one to choose, which resource you want to acquire. With these types of options available at your fingertips, you get to pick one which suits you the best. Some people feel comfortable watching a tutorial and following it while others like to read and follow along. You don’t have to stick to one mode because of a ton of resources available.

No restrictions in Self-learning

Self-learning is not subjected to place-constraint as an individual can make use of the learning process from any place he pleases. He does not have to travel to a selected location at a selected time and this works in his favour. It boosts the confidence of a person. Due to the fact that he has discovered the whole new thing all by himself. It also enables him to continue digging till he knows all there is to know about the subject. When you are a part of the traditional way of gaining the knowledge you need to adhere to the prescribed set of guidelines, books, and even a way of analyzing but self-studying offers you the liberty to pick out your mode of study.

The stress-free way to acquire knowledge

The method of self-studying places an amazing emphasis on the process instead of the outcome of the learning. Moreover, there is no stress to analyze the specified content in a certain time, without the end goal of getting good grades. You pick what you want to study, at what time, and which place. The overall final result is an internalization of content and that is why people who self-learn generally tend to internalize what they learn, comparatively to the folks that participate in formal learning.

 stress-free way to acquire knowledge

Getting other skills on the way

During self-learning, you get to learn different vital abilities which include time management, self-assessment, and achieving your goals. These are critical skills that you may implement anywhere. In fact, folks who are great at self-studying have an increased potential to expand their other capabilities. As they frequently practice these great skills on the road to teaching themselves. Subsequently, self-learners have a sturdy dedication to their goals, as they discover ways to stick with a plan till they reap their dreams.

Increased curiosity

Curiosity is one of the biggest (and often left out) elements in motivating students to study. When college students aren’t engaged with what they may be gaining knowledge of, they take in much less than required. They look at memorizing the concept as opposed to apprehending it. Self-educating allows students to pick something they are interested in and excited to learn about, which results in more fruitful outcomes.

There are lots of pros of self-learning but it is not that easy to do. It requires self-discipline and motivation. Procrastination is also one of the hurdles in the way of teaching yourself something.

Process of self-learning

Following are some steps that will help you during the process of self-learning.

Setting goals

It’s far important for a self-learner to be clear in his thoughts, about his objectives and end results. Do not forget that you have to examine yourself and study independently.  Your desires need to be clear from the beginning. Begin the system of self-learning via putting in result-orientated and well-formulated goals. Outline the subjects and what needs to be included so that you can collect relevant data without wasting any time.


Finding suitable source

Thanks to the internet, you’ll find heaps of materials and resources for any of the subjects you want to pursue. Make sure you have selected a reliable source that has credibility in order that the records are correct and demonstrated.

Self-Learning process

If you are curious then you will dig deep and this will help you discover new things. It will help you in your self-learning journey a great deal. As in numerous clinical journals, it is found, curiosity is a trait that makes life thrilling and ultimately more productive.

Evaluation of the progress

Decide on the way you want to evaluate your improvements. You can do this through self-made quizzes, online tests, or something that lets you be more confident of your development. Just create a powerful method that will help you analyse your learning process faster.

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