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What are the Benefits of Study MBBS in Nepal for Indian Students

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What are the Benefits of Studying MBBS in Nepal for Indian Students

Last Updated on February 6, 2022 by Aaron Thompson

Almost everyone wishes to be in profession that doesn’t has any substitute. Though all professions are equally weight provided the skills are need to excel in them perfectly, MBBS is the most important the country’s pillar relies on good healthcare professionals. People can survive without high tech-oriented devices but not live with ailments any longer than one or two days. This sector is flourishing and also generates revenue for the government which eases out the process of overall development. Landlocked among various landforms, you will find it amazing to fit into the realms of Study MBBS in Nepal.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Nepal for Indian Students.

1. Incredible place

Choosing the correct institution is very important for pursuing MBBS. In fact, getting admission in any one of the universities here makes you feel like a vacation as it’s the perfect place to become an extraordinary health specialist. Nepal is a developing nation as ours and is present in lap of hills. Medical colleges are becoming popular day by day and are becoming centre of attraction for international students. The climate here is lovely.

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2. Tough Competition

Since many bright students pour in here, the competition seems tough. The nation has established centres for seeking training on such advanced core level subjects. The people in nearby locality are hospitable for the international students, this gives the students some relief amongst all competition. In addition to that, Nepal has great number of Indian teachers who are competitive and reason to attract many indian students.

3. Pursue MBBS at Reasonable Cost

Pursuing MBBS here is pocket friendly. The fees here are reasonably low as compared to its western counterparts. For average level working middle class family, the cost won’t be a burden. The MBBS fees in Nepal is not as fancy as compared to the packages and recognition students receive after graduation. You can say that cost of studying MBBS in Nepal is less as compared to other nations.

4. Easy Mode of Payment

The whole amount of fees is never take in lumpsum. There are predetermine instalments and the payment is done by students via checks or online portal. This gives ample time to students and guardians to raise funds on time without causing monetary issues. However, please note that not all medical colleges in Nepal permit payment to be done in instalments.

5. Standard Level of Course

In Nepal, MBBS courses are taught in English and the duration is the same as any other medical college i.e. five and a five years. All standard guidelines issue by WHO and medical council are follow. The course maintains its level at level with the medical course pursued in India, that is why the percentage of students passing the MCI entrance test is greater than any other nation.

6. More Opportunities

We can find here innumerable colleges for medicos that are certified by MCI and UNESCO. The nature of schooling is lenient and provides open space for learning to all aspiring candidates. This diversification in learning helps build an amazing foundation on all grounds. There are autonomous colleges for students in Nepal also.

7. Assistance in All Areas

Assistance is given by authorities by offices to students who need them on priority so that students don’t feel they are far away from home. Moreover, Nepal is a friend to India and their authorities have good communication. Medicos are given transportation facilities like trains, transports and vehicles for making their stay secure.

8. Hospitable Living Conditions

Indian food is accessible to students in college canteens and hostels alike. There are separate living rooms for young women and men. The security is take care of by the authorities. Nepal keeps its borders protected from any threats.

9. Scholarship for Brilliant Students

Scholarship is provided to students based on merit and it may be beneficial for worthy students. But, it’s mandatory for the candidate to take the test and he/she should meet all the requirements before doing so. Here, mainly North-South Foundation College Scholarships are provided. Course is similar to India and the duration is almost similar in both the countries ,that is five years.

10. No Strict Rules

It’s not require for a candidate to do an internship in Nepal. Students must fall under the age gap 17-25. Even medicos are not forced to take the IELTS test. But you may face issues in understanding lectures as teachers themselves don’t have excellent vocabulary.

11. Good Teaching Methods

The teaching method is based on knowledge. Assignments, projects and seminars are allotted to students to help increase the understanding of core subjects. Proper training is given. Doubt classes and tutorials are held to clear relevant doubts.

12. Ambient Conditions

Besides great infrastructure, Nepal is home to a great climate and it is delightful to study in this ambience. There are varied features. Moreover, medicos can find ample time to relax and enjoy themselves here. There are also language similarities between our mother tongue, hindi and the traditional nepali language.

13. Code of Conduct

Ragging is not allow in campus or otherwise and decorum should be maintain. In short you can’t take the administration for granted. College of Nepal provides best nature of schooling and its upto students to take the advantage of this framework. In short you can’t take the administration for granted

14. International Opportunities

Many students are being Invite consistently from India for student-exchange programs. The biological system of schooling is amiable and informative. They mentor students and mould their minds in such a way that they crave to become a medico.

15. Amazing training

The medical colleges in Nepal provide training that is of premium quality besides the theoretical classes. Students take part in various gatherings and attend seminars to gain expertise. Students have to take up internship after the completion on five years of course. The internship is of one year.

16. Good Accommodation

Students have liberty to either take apartment with high-class faculty or in any hostel depending on what their guardians agree with or what suits their convenience. In addition, students have to learn local language as a subject so that they can easily mingle with teachers and the local people. Learning their language can be helpful to get a better accommodation.


For those wondering whether Nepal is a good option, the article serves the purpose. We come to this conclusion that pursuing MBBS in Nepal can open ours doors to this noble profession, hence we can go with it. In India people usually run for government institutions, but the university has a limit on the number of intakes. However, Nepal is a neighbouring country and quite hospitable to indians. Provided the candidate is eligible, parents must try to seek admission in a medical course in Nepal. Contact the Best MBBS Abroad Education Consultant in India, Pulse Education for seeking guidance from expert education counsellors. The entire procedure to get in the institution can be found on the respective websites of all colleges. Though, you can consult counsellors from good and renowned institutions.

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