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How custom lotion boxes can help make your brand popular

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Custom Lotion Boxes

Last Updated on July 30, 2021 by Aaron Thompson

Even the heritage skincare brands need to re-invent their retail packaging like custom lotion boxes regularly to keep them looking interesting. Its sales measured the success of any brand operating through the world wide web or in the retail world. Its merchandise packaging needs to be attention-grabbing so that it stirs interest in target audiences. Various studies conducted to analyze customer buying patterns have revealed that shoppers buy merchandise on a whim. Despite planning what to get they often deviate to buy what seems worthy to them. Brands and businesses take advantage of this habit of the customers and present their products in beautiful packaging.

If you are a skincare brand looking forward to revising or creating attention-grabbing lotion boxes for your brand, go through the following pointers to understand their potential as a powerful tool.

Focus on the needs

All cosmetic or skincare brands looking for attractive custom lotion boxes must call a meeting beforehand. They should take feedback from the marketing department and ask them about the weaknesses in current lotion boxes. It must also take this feedback from the customer service department, where customers register their complaints. Apart from that, companies must decide how they want their customers to perceive their product. Vital details like these will help you understand how sturdy and vibrant your layout of custom lotion boxes should be. It will help you decide whether you need to opt for cleaner designs or meticulous styling to attract the target market. Always remember that even a simple idea or a thought during brainstorming can help create a revolutionary retail packaging option.

Look around to seek inspiration

No, we don’t mean snooping around for designs to copy. Copying differs from getting inspired. What we mean is researching in the same or related categories to find inspiring designs and layouts. Note down what you like in packaging that grabs your attention or inspires you.

Is it the play of colors?

Is it a creative theme?

Is it the use of modern printing effects?

Sit down with expert packaging companies like ClipnBox and share your observations with them. It will help both the packaging company and you brew ideas that will be catchy. A lotion box can have a unique layout similar to any food packaging if it fits the packaging requirements and blends well with the creative themes.

Always remember to focus on the product

There is a cardinal mistake that many skincare brands and companies make when ordering or creating custom lotion boxes. They focus on every minute detail but forget to focus on the product itself. Somehow, coming up with themes, slogans and content become so overwhelming for them they forget what they are working on. As a brand, you must never neglect that you are creating a custom lotion box. Once you are aware of this reality around the clock, you will focus better on the product information that will need to go on the brand. You will design and stylize these custom lotion packaging boxes using relevant themes and addons.

Always focus on corporate or brand identity

Whether you as a brand are re-launching your lotions using new custom lotion boxes or ordering new custom retail packaging for a new variant, you must always create branding themes that focus on your corporate identity. When you include your corporate logo and tagline in your branding themes, you actually strengthen your brand identity with your customers. They will remember your product through these illustrations and will instantly recognize them. It will also give a forceful personality to your products at the same time. Packaging may change from time to time, but these identity elements will remain the same, which will help your customers identify the products at one glance.

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