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Stop Using Summer Tyres In Winter

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Summer Tyres

Summer Tyres

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There are various kinds of tyres available in the market and each with a purpose and tuned performance according to its functionality. But even then, wrong choices occur, and people face the worst of situations while on the drive. This can be avoided easily by making just one right choice and being open to change when the time arrives. One of the most basic mistakes that a major section of the drivers or owners make is keeping the risk of using inappropriate seasonal tyres for the season Summer Tyres.

Since the UK is a moderately seasoned country, most places face no extremities of climate. But even then, sometimes, one needs to check whether they are driving with the apt Tyres Leicester for the road. Among the seasonal tyres, summer tyres are the most used and right ones for the vehicle and the road situation. But there are times like the winter season or, to be precise, any time when the temperature goes to a real low point? Definitely below 7 degrees? Your car needs something else to provide it with a safe and sound drive.

Thankfully, special tyres for this are designed to fit well in the winter season or cooler temperatures. But even then, the usage of summer tyres is prevalent during the cold season. This is not without risks for the ones using it and the ones around it. Let us see how?

Leave Summer Tyres?

Yes, leaving summer tyres is the first thing that should be there in your mind, but only when the season changes. While summer tyres are extremely helpful throughout the dry season and even in the monsoon to some extent, it is an absolute no for it to be running on the roads when winter hits. It is time to take the back seat for summer tyres and allow the specialists to come to the forefront.

Apart from summer ones, the all-season tyre variety is made equipped enough to tread through the mild winter season, so it can be considered the alternative to be used in the cooler days. But even then, if you belong to a region with harsh winters and riotous roads in such times, then your only option would be to get a set of Winter Tyres Leicester for your vehicle. These are the best when the temperature goes down, and the snow starts to show all around. These specially designed seasonal tyres are made to cut through the sticky ice and grip the roads well while they run on slippery roads of winter. The drive is much safer and in control with these fitted to the automobile.

Dangers of Summer Tyres in Winter

There is a lot of peril involved with the use of summer tyres in the cold season, and here we shall see them one by one.

  • Poor traction: the first and foremost reason to eliminate summer tyres in winter is to avoid accidents on the road. Due to the poor gripping of these tyres on winter roads, it can invite danger faster than one can imagine. Since the tyre compound of the summer tyres is not suitable for low temperatures, it becomes hard below 7 degrees. That automatically makes it inappropriate for use and leaves no room for proper traction. Without this, gripping is also impossible.
  • Poor acceleration: It cannot be good acceleration on icy roads, which means the drive would be uncomfortable and difficult.
  • Poor performance: The designs of the summer tyre treads are not made for this season which is why they are unsuitable for the winter roads. So if one still goes beyond the norms and drives with these fitted to their vehicle, they are bound to face awful tyre performance. Neither any comfort would be in it, nor will it be easy to drive on.

In a nutshell, although changing tyres can be tiresome and sometimes costly too to have more than a set of them, it still has to be done to avoid other hazards. It can become a threat on the road for the driver and the others on it as well. Moreover, repairing your automobile due to some mishap can be taxing you more than a set of changes for your tyres, so choose wisely.

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