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Why Doesn’t Everyone Own Credit Cards

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Credit Cards

Last Updated on May 30, 2022 by Aaron Thompson

Data from the 2019 financial reports state that debt in the USA is slowly approaching the $ 1 trillion mark. The majority of this debt is due to credit card use. Using a credit card means spending money you don’t have in the hopes of repaying the cash before a specific period ends. This is why some people opt not to have credit cards. This article will look into why everyone doesn’t own a credit card.

Fear of Debt

The most common reason people don’t own a credit card is that they fear debt. They see the debt as something that can quickly spiral out of control and become uncontrollable. They don’t want to get into a situation where they are paying off credit card debt for years and years, so they avoid it altogether.

High-Interest Rates

People also fear high-interest rates on credit cards because they know that if they use the card too much or don’t pay off the balance in time, they will pay exorbitant interest rates on what they spent. Credit cards have a much higher interest rate than what you would pay on a personal loan.

A Bad Credit History

Lack of a good credit card APR can also be a reason to avoid getting a credit card. According to the experts at SoFi Invest, “Keep in mind that APR is distinct from interest rate, which is simply the additional cost of borrowing money.” If you have had a bad credit history in the past, you might not be able to get approved for a new credit card. You don’t want to apply for one if you know that the credit card issuer will deny it.

Credit Card Charges

Some people avoid credit cards because they have heard about all of the hidden fees that come along with them. They don’t want to pay these fees, so they choose not to use them. This can include:

● Annual fees

● Cash advance fees

● Foreign transaction fees

● Balance transfer fees

Financial Indiscipline

Some people avoid credit cards because they spend too much money with them. If you have a history of not paying off your credit card balance in full, you might be afraid to get another card

because you will spend more money. This can lead to a vicious cycle that results in dealing with high-interest payments and late fees.

Low Credit Limit

Some people choose not to get a credit card because their current credit limit is too low to use it. They don’t want to apply for one to have a higher credit limit since this is pointless if all they are going to do is carry a balance on the card or spend more than their limit allows them.

Personal Choice

Some people have a personal preference for not using credit cards. They might have had a bad experience with one in the past, or they might prefer to use cash or debit cards instead. If you are one of these people, you can be happy knowing that there is nothing wrong with your decision.

This is why many people choose not to have a credit card. You should always ensure that you are making the right decision for your finances and your lifestyle so that you don’t regret it later on.

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