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Distributor Management System, DMS: Foster better relations

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Distributor Management System

Last Updated on August 27, 2021 by Aaron Thompson

Distribution management may seem to all of us a simple process that involves managing the distributors by supplying them products, collecting payments from them in lieu, and handling the returns. But, in reality, there is a lot more to it. Considering the complexities in operations and modern technological developments, there is mot more than just a few basic activities that we may think of. Today, in the present market scenario, it is very important that businesses should be aided with an efficient distributor management system, DMS to handle all their supply chain resources.

Having a distributor management system in place, the business has many benefits, like:

Optimize the utilization of resources

One of the best things about a good distributor management system is that it promotes the maximum utilization of your resources in hand. Efficient order management, delivery of goods, return processes, and collection of payments with well-defined reporting advantages plays a very powerful role in the growth and success of a business. Moreover, with a distributor management system, you will save a lot of your valuable time and focus on quicker and smoother operations.

Inventory management

However big or small an organization can be, inventory management is always a headache, and more if you do not have a proper system in place. But, with the up-to-date distributor management system, inventory management cannot be smoother. So, you just need to integrate it with your supply chain, and there will never be any situations of overstocking and stockouts anymore.

Perfect order management

The distributor management system integrates many automatic communications and processes within your current system. Thus, you can be sure of any chances of human errors. Managing large networks is very easy, with proper order processing and managing, there will no more be any issues related to delay in orders, late deliveries, and lost sales.

Better prices and well-assigned promotions

The DMS has many features that can be aligned with promotions and pricing as well. So, it allows manufacturers in collecting performance data of their product lines, their distributors, and the market as well. You are in a better position to customize promotions and pricing and offers based on these reports.

Easy and quick delivery and return management

However, the delivery of products is one of the most crucial parts of the supply chain process. It requires continuous coordination between the sales department, the warehouse, the distributors, and retailers. By using the DMS, you meet all these requirements and its advanced features even manage delivery and return requests.

A single platform across all parties

With DMS, your communication is streamlined. Right from the receiving of orders, to delivery and return (if any), all parties involved in the sales and supply processes have a common platform to communicate and flawlessly.

Therefore, an effective distributor management system, DMS is important for all businesses, regardless of their operations. This revolutionary system has more in its offering than the ones mentioned above. You get a better payments collection system, easy management of returns and claims, better target achievements, effective reporting, and foster long-term relations with your distributors and clients.

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