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Essential tips for installing a sliding door shower cubicle

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It is not too difficult to fit a sliding door shower cubicle if your measurements are accurate, but things are not so different with a steam shower as you need extra space to organise.
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Last Updated on July 17, 2021 by Aaron Thompson

The innovations we enjoy have brought an alternative way of life to the middle class since technology and the scientific era. Now we have got better ways of eating, dressing, sleeping, and having fun than ever. Because of this, we have fallen into a quick pace, which often allows us little relaxation. Sometimes we need to take away all our problems with a nice and comfortable bath or shower. It is not only the bath itself, sometimes, but the of your bathroom makes you the most relaxed of all in time. You can have a sliding door shower cubicle to facilitate this. They are very comfortable, relaxing, and eye-catching. You can keep all the water from your shower inside to prevent the flooring from wetting if you put a shower cubicle into your bathroom.

Steps to install the cubicle 

It is important to follow procedures when installing a toilet or sliding door shower cubicle. Preparation is the key, and in the installation process, looking at these simple guidelines may create significant problems later. Check now that you have all the elements to install your cabinet. Just follow these simple instructions and ensure your lines are symmetrical, as areas such as floors or walls are not entirely accurate most of the time. 

  • Step 1 Measurement

Measure and mark the wall frames’ position for the cubicles in a vertical line of the wall. Tick the three rear wall brackets at the surface to fix them.

shower cubicle
  • Step 2 Brackets for Fitting

Set as necessary three rear wall channel brackets on a vertical line drawn on each partition wall.

  • Step 3 Partitions Fitting

Place the wall panels in the display cases and ensure that the split is level with the adjustable legs to the wall panel.

Draw the holes’ exact position on each partition’s walls in the stream brackets ready to perforate. Use a 10 mm drill bit to dig the hook and fix the frames with the partition walls’ provided T-nuts.

  • Step 4 Support for Fitting Partition

Check for the height to adjust the adjustable leg attached to the partition. Make sure the section aligns correctly, and the legs attach to the floor.

  • Step 5 Panel Fitting

Measure the vertical sidewall line and mark. Fix the wall’s three brackets. Ensure that the hook is smooth and distinguish the positions of the three frames just at the fascia. Use the T-nuts provided to fix the hook wall to the channel brackets. The hinge hole is pre-drenched in your pilaster (central fascia panel), which can be set with the provided t-nuts.

  • Step 6 Fitting Head Rail

The headrail should be positioned over the fascia’s tops that bridge the door gap, with the partitions and fascia fitted. Attach the headrail to the fascia permanently.

  • Step 7 Doors, hinges, and lock mounting are fitted

Join the doors to the hinges. Join the bolt on the door indicator. Block the doors with wood and place your door on blocks up to the hinged panel floor. You want to attach the shield, hold the lock, and mark the indicator bolt on the facilities. Place the hinge of the panel. To drill the hole, remove the nut from the bottom of the hinge. Attach the hinges to the walls to guarantee that the door is horizontally hung. Unlock the bolt of the indicator and attach it with the attachments supplied. Set the plastic slippers inside the door, locking or opening.

Sliding door shower cubicle at the Royal Bathrooms

It is not too difficult to fit a sliding door shower cubicle if your measurements are accurate, but things are not so different with a steam shower as you need extra space to organise. You need to measure all sizes, height width, length, and room for your doors’ opening, with the smaller bathroom. For example, if the cubicle itself has the right space precisely, it is not wise to set up a shower door that works with a swing open. However, do not be worried because many doors, such as bi-fold and sliding doors, are provided. Search for now!

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