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Foods that you should try and avoid for sore throat

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Last Updated on May 26, 2022 by Aaron Thompson

Sore throat can be a great source of discomfort. Often, sore throat is an inconvenience one has to bear till the bacteria finally decide to bid adieu.

The soreness in the throat can make drinking and eating a challenge, but to aid the body in recovery, it’s pertinent that diet is not discontinued. Nutrients fortify the body and allow it to respond better to ailments. 

Sore throats generally last for a few days, but if you feel your symptoms getting worse, or the condition is becoming chronic, then you must seek help from an ENT Specialist in Lahore

Foods to take 


Bananas are soft to eat, and so don’t irritate the throat. They are a good source of sugar and fiber, so give your BSL a boost alongside promoting a feeling of fullness. Moreover, they are high in nutrition as well.

Chicken broth 

Chicken broth, or soup is very soothing for the throat. Since broth contains nutrients, it helps in energizing the body. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help with immunity, so you are able to fight the underlying cold better. Furthermore, it also fights the inflammation in the throat as well. 

Chilly foods

Eating ice chips, or enjoying popsicles is also good for the throat. The chill from the ice helps with the inflammation, thereby giving some reprieve to the throat. You can also turn to ice-cream as well.


When it doubt, throw in some honey. With anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, honey can be hailed as a super food. It also helps in soothing the throat and easing the pain that is often a part of sore throat. Honey also better enables the body in to fending off the infection. 


A cup of warm ginger tea or a soup with some extra ginger is also great for the throat since ginger is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. Moreover, ginger also helps in fighting the bacteria and thus enables the body to fight the infection better. 


Yogurt, as a probiotic, allows the good bacteria in the gut to flourish. Good immunity is highly contingent on having good gut health. Hence, be sure to take yogurt. Since it is light, it does not also irritate your throat as well. 

If you want some extra nutrition, you can also make smoothies. Try to add fresh berries if they are available, as they are high in antioxidants. However, do not add sugar, since it promotes inflammation. Perhaps use honey for sweetening. 

Foods to avoid 

Alongside knowing what to take, it is also important to note what not to take. Items you should steer clear of include:

Acidic foods

Often, citric fruits are hailed as good for the throat, but that’s not always the case. The acid can irritate the throat, making the symptoms worse. So, refrain from oranges, lemons, lime and other forms of acidic foods. 


Even though the tea and coffee may feel soothing for the throat, they are not always the best of the choices when it comes to a sore throat. 

Coarse food

Foods that are hard, crunchy, crispy, or coarse in texture should also be avoided. Your throat is sore and sensitive as it is but running hard things through it can further aggravate the condition. 

Spicy food 

The last thing that your sensitive throat needs is spicy foods. Not only do they exacerbate the condition, but a spicy throat can also cause acid reflux, that in turn also makes the soreness worse. Moreover, spices also promote inflammation as well. 

Hence, try to stay clear of all the spicy foods. Stick to the bland foods that ensure that your throat does not get worse, thereby enabling your body to recover quicker. 

If still however, your condition is not improving, then perhaps you should consider seeking help from your ENT Specialist in Islamabad

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