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Minimalist And Modern Bridal Mehndi Designs

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Bridal Mehndi Designs

Last Updated on August 6, 2023 by Aaron Thompson

If there is one function where the bride and her squad are not worried about million things like dance performance and jootachupai, it is the mehndi ceremony! There are so many brides who despise the smell of mehndi and vehemently get some done for their wedding. Even the minimalist bride doesn’t wish for elbow or knee-deepmehndi. They prefer light and simple mehndi.The fabric is dolled up along with beautiful jewelry and simple mehndi design for skin decoration. All the girls of the family and other guests apply mehndi designs to decorate themselves and celebrate the occasion.

Our family always organize big fat weddings. These weddings have a variety of occasions. The mehndi is the most waited event of the big fat wedding. For my brother’s wedding we planned a lot of events with huge guest lists and décor. From shoe matching to venue deciding everything is done accordingly. From small-to-small thing to huge everything is done perfectly and is pre planned. So,we did decide the mehndi designs too. we have got the mehndi ideas from the extensive mehndi blog of Libas e Jamila.

Simple mehndi design for hands for a fuss free bride

Some brides prefer light mehndi with simple designs. The mehndi design simple can only cover the outer and inner part of the fingers of the hands or just a round circle with simple outlines. Every bride has her own choice and has definitely planed something in her mind that can be her overall wedding look or any other part of the event.

Same goes for the easy mehndi design, brides have usually decided the designs of what exactly they want. Some of them want to look as decent and possible so they go for the minimal mehndi designs. Such designs can be easily carried with the daily wear to formal and heavy wear. The heavy designs can make the hands look smudgy and didn’t give a nice look. Another advantage of the minimal design is that it is easy to apply and takes less time to get done.


Y- design with small motifs

There is another simplest mehndi designs that has Y shaped flowery string and little motifs on the whole hand. the fingers of the hands in this design are a little heavy and the top part of the finger is fully covered with mehndi and some dotted design. The Y shaped design may include geometrical shapes too which looks very aesthetic when applied with a contrast to flowery or leafy design.

If a bride is not in favor of heavy designs this is the best design for the wedding. The engagement and Nikkah bride can also pick this design.If you fancy Aztec print and geometric designs this design is the most suitable for you.

Half filled and Half Empty Mehndi Designs

As the name describes it this design is a new vibe in its own. The hand is half filled and the other side is empty. The design looks very stylish and is best for the people who don’t like ordinary thing and go for something unique and follow latest trends. you can’t deny that this simple henna design looks beautiful!


They are something beyond perfection in the boundaries of simplicity.The art of Henna or in simple terms Mehndi design has been around for centuries. The usage of Mehndi originated from its healing, cooling and medicinal properties. People in hotter areas used mehndi for cooling affect and because it left stains on the skin, that is what basically gave the idea for decorative purpose and Mehndi designing. This later grew into a trend and Mehndi became deeply rooted into people’s lives.

Henna or Mehndi is now a form of art and an expression of happiness in a lot of regions and cultures around the world. When it comes to celebrations or any occasion, be it marriage, birthdays, religious festivals or any festivity, women rely on Mehndi designs to make it special. Women love Mehndi and designing for decorative purposes and adorn themselves with it. Mehndi has become a symbol of portraying happiness and celebratory events in everyone’s lives. Mehndi is one of the most beautiful trends of Asia.

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