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Safety Tips for Moving a House in Brisbane

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Moving is a stressful and tedious process, especially if it’s your first time doing it without professional guidance. From packing valuables to lifting heavy boxes, the entire moving process requires physical strength. Of course, you can hire the best removalists Brisbane Southside to take the stress out of this new job, but what if you have no choice but to pick up your own things. You could injure yourself or your back when lifting heavy furniture or loading electronics onto a moving truck because there is no proper lifting technique. To make your trip as safe and comfortable as possible, we highlight the best safety tips that can help you move your belongings without injury or damage.

Remember to follow and follow the tips below properly when moving your home from one location to another.

Let’s start!

1. Plan Ahead

The first thing to remember when moving your heavy boxes and furniture is good arrangement. Plan a safe move at least 2 to 3 weeks before the last day you move. It is important to create a moving checklist and plan your actions and implement them with the help of advanced moving equipment like moving trucks.

Before using your muscle strength, use your brain in a professional manner. Don’t pull anything until you understand the correct dimensions of your object and the width and height of your front door.

For example, if your refrigerator doesn’t fit through your main door, then don’t make the mistake of forcing it. Can scratch the surface of the refrigerator or floor. Instead of using your own muscle strength, it’s a good idea to find a suitable solution (you can tilt the refrigerator or remove the emergency door to get it out of the room).

So think wisely and measure all your bulky items in advance for safe and trouble-free movement. Proper weather management is also an important part of the planning phase given the weather conditions in Brisbane. Create a mobile checklist and work accordingly to avoid sudden injury or property damage.

2. Measure the weight of your box

Never overload the moving box when packing your things. When you have a lot of stuff in the box, it can be difficult for you to lift properly. Make sure you bring a box that can be removed comfortably and without straining your back or knees.

According to experts when moving to Brisbane, the moving box should weigh less than 50 pounds. Use proper technique when lifting heavy boxes. Of course, you can also use very large movable boxes, but don’t put heavy objects like books in them. Instead, you can pack sheets, clothes, pillows, blankets, and other light items. But be sure to weigh the moving box before you secure it with tape.

3. Use the correct lifting technique

Moving heavy furniture from place to place can overwhelm you and back off. All you need is physical strength and mental balance. Instead of losing your temper, try to lift your things using the right technique.

The tasks of lifting, pulling, bending, pushing and twisting the body while moving can cause serious injury. You could even end up falling apart if you use the wrong technique to pick up your things.

To avoid damage to yourself and property, you need to understand the proper technique for handling heavy furniture and boxes when moving your house, including:

  • It’s good to push heavy objects forward to avoid injury to your back or knees.
  • To avoid movement injuries, place heavy objects close to your body and centered on your height.
  • Try to avoid lifting heavy objects above your head.

4. Seek professional help

Moving house is associated with many challenges. From setting up electronics for moving to lifting and loading heavy furniture, you should do everything possible on the day of moving to ensure a safe and smooth move. But due to a lack of experience and human resources, you may find yourself in a big mess (this could be a serious back injury or damage to your personal property).

If you want to reduce the stress of your complicated move, it’s a good idea to seek professional help from a reliable and trained removalists Brisbane Southside.

Look for a company that can offer you a variety of solutions including packaging, moving, storage, high-quality packaging materials, and more. Make sure your chosen company has all the necessary moving aids to make your movement smooth and undamaged. Also, make sure they understand all traffic safety regulations to avoid sudden injuries and accidents during the moving process.

5. Keep children and pets safe

If you have small children and pets, you should keep them away from the entire moving process. Make sure you have parents to look after your children as they can easily get injured when lifting heavy furniture and boxes. You can borrow both employees and leave them in a designated safe area of ​​your home. Send them to your friend’s place.

You can ask your older child to help you pack the box and prevent him from lifting anything. Also, pack a basic box containing everything you need for your first day at home. Get their help organizing and packing emergency kits so you feel like you’re an important part of the move.

6. Eat well and stay hydrated

If you want to move safely, make sure you eat well and are hydrated, especially during the moving process. Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water can help avoid the risk of weakness, fatigue, and cloudy heads during the packing and lifting process. Drink water every hour to half an hour to avoid dehydration.


No matter how many times you move, it’s always important to follow safety tips when performing awkward tasks like lifting, loading, pulling or pushing. Also prepare a first aid kit to heal injuries as soon as possible.

Of course, hiring a professional removalists Brisbane Southside can save you from all these fears. You can do thorough research and find the best company to follow safety precautions when moving your belongings.

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