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Umar Riaz – Bigg Boss Eviction

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Unbeatable Umar Riaz

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After winning the ticket to the finale of ‘Bigg Boss’ season 15, Umar Riaz is now going through the process of eviction. He has not been in the show for long and is making the internet go crazy by announcing his eviction from the reality show. His eviction has been the subject of many tweets and reactions, including those of his brother Asim, Andy Kumar, and Shefali Bagga. Here are a few of the reactions that he has received from his fans.

Umar Riaz Bigg Boss






Salman Khan is the first celebrity to condemn Umar Riaz’s eviction, calling him a “fraud.” But the fashion designer claims that Umar Riaz has a unique personality, and he wants to show it in the show.

So, what makes him stand out from the other contestants? He has a strong personality and a positive attitude, so he is a perfect candidate for the Bigg Boss.

Riaz has a long history of being involved in controversy. The former contestant had an on-air connection with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, and his sister is a TV actress.

Their relationship with the show’s producers and directors has led to speculation that Umar is the victim of nepotism. In spite of the allegations, Umar Riaz has denied these claims. It is also unclear how Riaz is related to Riaz Fandom, but he does have a strong connection to the famous actor.

Umar Riaz- Unbeatable Umar Riaz

The Indian model and actor started his career as a medical doctor and had dreamed of being a physician since childhood. After completing his MBBS, he became a junior doctor at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Girgaon, Maharashtra.

He has also appeared in a number of music videos. So, as a medical professional, he is the ideal candidate to be in the Bigg Boss house and a wildcard.

After his nomination in Bigg Boss, Riaz is now a part of the competition. He has a brother, Pratik Sehajpal, and is a Muslim. His sister, Mahvish and Asim, who was a finalist on season 13 of the show, are also members of the show.

In addition to his brother, Umar Riaz eviction has been a member of the competition for the past five seasons.

After his eviction, Riaz has gone on to win millions of hearts by supporting his fellow competitors. The eviction of Riaz has left many fans angry with his ‘unfair’ eviction. However, his eviction was a result of a physical spat between Asim and Pratik Sehajpal. In the final episode, Umar Riaz was also named the winner of Ticket to the Finale.

IS Umar Riaz Evicted from Bog Boss 15?

Despite being evicted from Bigg Boss, Riaz’s elimination has garnered him millions of fans. His eviction is a shock to viewers as he has never been targeted in his eviction. Karan is also not taking action against Umar, but it’s hard to believe that he has been evicted from the show despite his lack of a nomination.

While being evicted from Bigg Boss, Riaz has been an ardent fan of the show’s contestants. He is a Muslim and has been in the house with Asim for four seasons. The episode ended in a controversial eviction. During the episode, the contestants were asked to choose a new captain, which was voted for by the public.

As a doctor, Riaz is a popular contestant on the show. He was evict from the show after being aggressive and physical during a task. Geeta, who came to BB 15 as a special guest, slamme the show for the decision. She said she would not want to be treat in such a way by someone who act in that manner.

Aside from his alleged eviction from Bigg Boss, the contestant is also accused of using his girlfriend’s money to gain access to her home and family. The show has also been accused of cheating on its competitors. The alleged eviction has left some co-contestants crying and the show’s host Salman Khan has reprimanded the evictee’s money.


Indian actor and model Umar Riaz made his debut in the reality show Bigg Boss with his elimination. He came to the show after a violent fight with Pratik Sehajpal, but he did not win the fight.

In the final episode, Bigg Boss chastised him but still nominated him, leaving the decision up to the audience. In the end, he receive 75% of the votes and was eliminate. Despite his chastising, he did not lose any hope of winning the title, as he formed strong relationships with Asim and Karan Kundai.

Many fans are upset about Umar Riaz’s eviction, while others have call for Bigg Boss to ban him. On Twitter, there are hashtags like ‘Rip Bigg Boss’ and ‘RIP Umar Riaz’ trending. Despite the harsh criticisms, supporters of the former Bigg Brother contestant are proud of him and his hard work.

Is Umar Riaz win the Bigg Boss competition?

Although Umar Riaz didn’t win the Bigg Boss competition, he was accuse of using his girlfriend’s money for benefits. His relationship with Sonal Vengurlekar ended in 2015, after which he was force to split with her.

However, his fans were not too worrie and he continue to win. Moreover, he defended his actions and vowed to keep himself clean.

In May 2021, Umar Riaz released his first music video. The song ‘Gunah Karde’ features his brother Asim Riaz and Daljit Kaur. The two were also involv in a video call ‘Sky High’. This was his first music video. After his victory, he went on to collaborate with Saba Khan and his sister Asim Riaz.

also In a recent episode, Salman Khan asked the panelists about Umar Riaz’s behavior. He response, the other contestants came in to defend him. In addition to that, Umar acted violently towards others. The show’s producers decided not to eliminate him, but instead left it up to the audience to decide if he should stay in the competition. Then, they redirected the discussion to the audience.

Umar Riaz evictions remain a black day in BB history

As a doctor, Umar was consider one of the most popular contestants on the show. According to Gauahar Khan, he was a strong contend who was evicting from Bigg Boss 15. As far as the reasons for his eviction from the show go, it is clear that the show decided to give Umar Riaz a second chance on the reality show.

“This is the last episode of Bigg Boss, and I’m so glad that it’s over.” In addition to his eviction, Umar Riaz was also among the most popular contestant in the house during the season. He even won a poll on social media, which is unusual for a Bigg BB contestant. But after the show’s finale, his supporters are furious with the eviction.

Earlier this week, Umar Riaz was report evicting from Bigg Boss 15 due to aggressive behavior. His eviction, however, has led to a huge debate between his fans and the show’s makers. Aside from his ‘aggressive’ behavior, he also violated the rules. A lot of BB contestants are evicting for being violent.

After his eviction from Bigg Boss 15, Umar Riaz’s relationship with a woman in the show has dissolved. His sister is an actress and works in the education sector. His younger brother is an actor and model

who is a well-known actor in India. Both his siblings have been evicting from the show. Sadly, Umar Riaz’s eviction from Bigg Boss 15 is the result of his violent behavior and his lack of understanding.

While his brother Asim Riaz has been a popular Bigg Boss contestant, his brother Umar has gained massive popularity in the reality show. During the show.

He stood up to haters, fought for his brother’s girlfriend, and slammed the trolls who were targeting him. These actions earned him immense popularity from viewers, and his popularity has continued to rise.

Ending up discussion

Despite his brother Asim Riaz’s eviction, he has been a consistent fan of the show and its contestants. He has been fascinat with medicine since he was a child, and he complet his MBBS in 2018. This year, his brother remained in the show and he has been a confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss 15. It’s a great feeling for fans to see the people who genuinely care about him.

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