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Why Should You Choose Dedicated Server Hosting In Los Angeles

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Benefits of a dedicated server hosting

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As an entrepreneur and business owner, taking the decision of right web hosting is a very important concern for every business. there is an ample range of web hosting options available to choose the perfect hosting for your business. Selecting the right and best web hosting is helpful for your business because it provides better performance and speed, better user experience, better ranking, high security, greater control, and so on. 

Here, I recommend you a Dedicated Server in Los Angeles to take your business online. There are lots of benefits, and features you get with the dedicated server in Los Angeles. Nowadays, A dedicated server is on demanding web hosting solution for large businesses. 

Read this article till the end to know about lots of remarkable benefits of a dedicated server. And consider “is a dedicated server beneficial for my business or not. Although a Dedicated server is expensive than other hosting it is completely worth of money. 


What is Los Angeles Dedicated Server?

Before moving ahead to know about the benefits of dedicated hosting. We understand about “what exactly is a dedicated server?” And How it works?

We understand a dedicated server by its name that it is a type of web hosting which is dedicated to a single website/owner. 

A web hosting provider company provides you a Los Angeles dedicated server on lease. You get complete root access to custom configured your application, which can have a private cloud, a database, VOIP, gaming, web hosting, your website, streaming, or some other business. Because a server provider gives you this server on the lease, so it is completely yours to manage. 


10 Benefits of Dedicated Server in Los Angeles

The performance and reliability of a dedicated server are depend based on where your hardware server equipment resides. There are three options when setting up a dedicated hosting:

Buying a Server (on-premise): if you have enough budget, a data center, and an IT expert team then you can set up an in-house server. Here, you have complete control over hardware resources and servers. Maybe starting costs are high and network connectivity can create an issue. 

Rent a Server: Instead of buying a server, you can rent a server from a hosting provider company in Los Angeles. They provide you with full control to configure the server. 

Colocation Hosting: In this hosting provider company set up a private dedicated server at a third-party data center. You invest in the dedicated server but rent power, physical security, cooling, rack, and connectivity. 

Look below to know the most effective Los Angeles Dedicated Server benefits:



Unlike a shared server, dedicated hosting gives you lots of resources to configure the server. As a single-tenant, all of the exclusive resources is owned by you, such as

  • Network connectivity
  • Storage
  • Processor and power
  • RAM


Faster Loading Speed:

We know all of the entire resources are used by a single server, so it helps to provide a faster loading speed to your website.  High speed to your website gives a better experience to your user. It helps to rank on google. 

Site speed affects your conversion rates, ranking, and in more activities. If your site is delayed by one second then It gives you 7% fewer conversions, 11% fewer page views, 20% shoppers leave a website, and 40% fewer sales. 


Server Customization:

In renting, colocating, or in-house dedicated servers, you have complete control over the hosting environment. You can easily customise the server resources, install security software and do another change. 

For Example:

  • Install any security software, app, operating system, and tools, if required
  • Manage and set up any resource control system
  • Full control of the way of users interacts with the server.


99.9 Percent Uptime:

In shared hosting, the server can face high traffic spikes that improve bounce rate, bad user experience, and down SEO ranking. 

With the dedicated server in Los Angeles, you ensure a faster loading speed, reliable performance, and maximum uptime. This will give you a good user experience in high traffic times. 


Superior Security:

Security is a very important reason why most businesses choose a dedicated server. You can eliminate lots of security issues, like:

  • Protect your server from viruses and malware
  • Protect from DDoS attacks
  • Malicious and accidental neighbor activity that affects your website
  • Also, store your files in Backups and restore files


You have complete control over the server resource. To protect your data, files, and application, you can install or setup security software like:

  • Set up a firewall protection
  • Install anti-virus and malware protection
  • Limit your administrator access
  • Create a strong password and username
  • Install DDoS protection
  • Deploy an instruction detection system
  • Data encryption



A in-house Los Angeles dedicated server needs a high level of budget. Here, you need to spend on hardware equipment, hire an IT team to manage the server, and need a Datacenter to store the server. 

But in rented a dedicated server is completely worth of money. Here you need to only pay for the service charge. All of the server hardware managed by the hosting provider company. 



If you rent a server or buy a server, you have full flexibility of choose hardware resources as needed per your business. Hardware like: RAM, storage, processor, power, bandwidth, and more. 

Choosing the right hardware as per your business need is provides high performance, maximum uptime, high bandwidth, faster-loading speed, and more. 


So finally summarize the article and understand that the best-dedicated server in Los Angeles gives you an ample range of benefits. This helps to boost up your business revenue, sales and expand all over the world. A dedicated server in Los Angeles give you lots of resources, faster loading speed, full flexibility of choosing hardware, the top level of security protection, and 99.9% uptime in your budget. 

Here, I recommend you serverwala to get the best and cheap dedicated server in Los Angeles. They provide reliable, high security, top-tier hardware, and 24*7 technical support. 

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