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11 Exotic flowers From All Around The Globe

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11 Exotic flowers From All Around The Globe

Last Updated on July 30, 2021 by Aaron Thompson

Natural laughs from beautiful and colorful flowers. Flowers express deep-seated emotions and also work as stress-busters. Apart from that, they are the most popular gifts given on any occasion and to anyone. Flowering plants can’t be broadly classified into two categories – endemic and exotic. Endemic is the one which can be grown only in certain types of geographical conditions. While exotic are the unique ones that are native to particular land, they adapt and flourish when introduced to a foreign ecosystem. These exotic flowers are much in demand for their adaptability and are used lavishly in event decorations and fancy flower arrangements. 

Exotic flowers
Exotic flowers

       Here is a list of the 11 most beautiful exotic flowers all around the globe 


Initially, amaryllis relates to tropical lands like the Caribbean, South Africa, or islands in the south seas, but they can be found globally, except for Antarctica. It is raised from bulbs, and each plant produces two to five flowers that stay in bloom for an average of six weeks. This unique exotic flower symbolizes pride, antiquity, vitality, and self-confidence. 

Exotic flower Amaryllis
Exotic flower Amaryllis


Belonging to the eastern Mediterranean ( from the south of Turkey through to the northern part of Palestine), this flower symbolizes integrity. In purple, yellow, white, and red colors, this flower has often accentuated the beauty of mixed floral arrangements. 

Birds Of Paradise:

The original is strelitzia, and it is a native of southern Africa. In South Africa, it is also known as the crane flower and the characteristics in their 50 cent coin. This charming and dreamy flower symbolizes magnificence, optimism, royalty, paradise on earth, success, and faithfulness. As a ceremony gift, you may opt for this flower. 

Exotic flower Birds Of Paradise
Exotic flower Birds Of Paradise

Ecuadorian Roses:

As the name suggests, these unique roses are native to Ecuador. Roses have a large variety, but those growing in Ecuador are promoted to have the world’s best quality. They are appealing to the eyes for their immense size. Unlike other varieties of roses, they last longer and smell stronger. You will find some mesmerizing varieties of Ecuadorian roses in winni.


Lilacs originally belonged to Europe and Asia, and the European colonists brought this to America. And now will see the shrubs of lilacs intensively all over North America. These beautiful online flowers delivery in noida are widely known for their aromatherapy qualities. The soothing fragrance relieves stress and anxiety. Lilacs symbolize the simplicity, remembrance of love and are often gifted to fresh graduates.


Calatheas are the most beautiful ones in the Marantaceae family and come in various shapes. This flower symbolizes the new beginnings or a new start in life. Thus, it is given to those who have just shifted to a new home and settled in a new city. 


Plumeria is also known as frangipani. It is native to Mexico, the Caribbean island, and central America but is grown throughout its warm climatic zones. As a wedding jewels flower, this plumeria is copiously in use. In Sri Lanka, this flower is used for worshiping the gods, while in India, these flowers are used chiefly in incense sticks. Plumeria, in usual, symbolizes beauty, love, rebirth, spring, and grace. 


The tulip is a part of the lily family Liliaceae. The popularity of this flower threatens those roses. The word “Tulip” originates from a Persian word meaning turban. These bulbous flowers are inherent to the band stretching from southern Europe to central Asia. They symbolize resistance, perfect love, prosperity, abundance, and royalty. In collections, bouquets, and box/vase/basket arrangements – these flowers are heart winners. 

Heliconia Pendula: 

Heliconias are pinkish-red on the below half and red on the overhead half. It belongs to the tropics of America near the pacific ocean. Look-wise, it is pretty similar to the bird of paradise. The lobster claw is a nick-name of this herb. The petals may differ from red to orange or yellow.

Lily Of The Valley: 

Lily of the valley is a highly poisonous woodland flowering plant that has sweet-scented and bell-shaped white flower delivery in pune. The inherent region stretched throughout the cool temperate northern hemisphere in Asia and Europe. It symbolizes a return to happiness, purity, humbleness, virtue, happiness, and luck. 


This flower looks quite alike to the roses, and the bright and big white petals emit a calming fragrance. If you have a gardenia flower blooming at your pace, then the fragrance may also travel upto to the next door. It refers to Asia and is most usually found growing wild in Taiwan, India, Japan, Myanmar, China, Vietnam, and Korea. They persuade a better sleep apart from being a symbol of purity, love, virtue, protection, and self-reflection.

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