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Mia Khalifa farmers protest tweets and Photos

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Mia Khalifa farmers protest Photos

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Mia Khalifa farmers protest | Mia Khalifa farmers protest Photos | Mia Khalifa tweet on farmers protest

Soon on social media, Mia Khalifa Farmers protest became famous. Mia Khalifa tweet on farmers protest showed support to the Sikh farmers. Mia Khalifa took an active part in the farmer’s protest. Celebrity stars also supported farmers in their protests. Indian people reacted aggressively to Mia Khalifa farmers protest. The adult star Mia Khalifa supported farmers in their protest for the cancellation of new laws. The Sikh farmers started protesting in august 2020 in India. The protest lasted almost one yea. They demanded farmers’ loan waivers from the government. Moreover, they demanded compensation to the families of those farmers who died.

Mia Khalifa farmers protest

Due to the corona pandemic, the rate of unemployment increased, due to which reliance on agriculture increased. But farmers’ income was not enough to fulfill their living expenses. This is the reason why many of the farmers attempted suicide.

Despite this, the government of India established some new agricultural laws. These laws were unsatisfactory to the farmers. Mia Khalifa supported the Punjab farmers in protest. The government made some laws that were not in favor of farmers. Nine farmers died while protesting in Uttar Pradesh on 4 October. Mia Khalifa farmers protest showed great results as many people commented on this and shared their views.

Mia Khalifa farmers protest tweets

Tweet: Mia Khalifa tweeted “What in the human rights violation is going on? They cut the internet around new Delhi’. She wrote this tweet in the caption of one of the pictures from the protest. She also posted a picture on which it was written that “stop killing farmers”. These posts of Mia Khalifa Farmers protest showed her support for farmers. This was the first post of Mia Khalifa Farmers Protest.

Mia Khalifa tweet on farmers protest
                                     Mia Khalifa tweet on farmers protest

Mia Khalifa farmers protest gained high popularity by the public. Some people supported her and commented well on her tweets while others did not like her interference in this matter. People of India reacted aggressively to the tweets of Mia Khalifa tweet on farmers protest and other celebrities’ tweets.

Details of tweets of Mia Khalifa Farmers protests

In one of the tweets of Mia Khalifa farmers protest, she also called Priyanka Chopra to talk on this matter. She wrote “Is Mrs. Jonas going to chime at any point? I’m just curious. This is very much giving me Shakira during the Beirut devastation vibes. Silence.” Many Twitter users commented on this tweet of Mia Khalifa Farmers Protest in support of Priyanka Chopra. They said that Priyanka Chopra was among the first ones to stand for farmers and said that she was one of the celebrities to support farmers.

During Mia Khalifa farmers protest, some people showed strong controversy and called Mia Khalifa a paid actor. In reply to this Mia Khalifa again tweeted that:

Paid actor”, huh? Quite the casting director, I hope they are not overlooked during awards season. I stand with farmers. #FarmersProtest#

Mia Khalifa farmers protest

On this tweet of Mia Khalifa farmers protest, she received 12.8k comments and 114.1k likes.

The reaction of public to Mia Khalifa farmers protest

Mia Khalifa tweet on farmers protest are trending. Many people liked, commented, and shared the tweet. Most of the people reacted negatively to the tweet saying that these are paid posts. Their tweets provoked a sudden backlash on social media.

Mia Khalifa

People are saying these posts are against India and are calling these posts paid posts. Mia Khalifa stayed calm and replied to all these tweets. She answered in a humorous style. But people started protesting in Delhi against Mia Khalifa farmers protest and other celebrities’ protests. Indian activists showed strong disagreement with Mia Khalifa Farmers protest. They called it an internal matter.

New agricultural laws by the Indian government

The government of India issued the following three new farms laws:

  1. Farmers produce trade and commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act 2020.
  2. Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement of price Assurance and Farm Services Act, 2020.
  3. Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act 2020.

According to farmers, these three laws were a threat to their income. These laws did not protect their rights. Farmers feared that these laws will make their business weak and they will be left at the mercy of traders.

Demand of Indian farmers

  1. Farmers demanded the repeal of these laws and demanded waiver of farm loans.
  2. They also demanded compensation to the families of those farmers who died while protesting.
  3. The farmers also demanded a minimum support price (MSP).

Finally, on 19 November, Mr. Modi announced the cancellation of new laws that were made by the government. The final bill to cancel laws was passed on 30 November in Parliament. When the final letter passed, the farmers ended the protest and moved to their homes.

Demand of Indian farmers

Moreover, the government also accepted their other demands. The government also accepted minimum support price (MSP) demand and promised to provide compensation to the families of those farmers who died. ”

Rihanna tweet on farmers protest

When Rihanna tweet became viral, attracting hundreds of thousands of comments Many praised her for drawing interest towards “an important cause”. However, many criticised her for participating in protests against the laws which are upheld by the government as well as its supporters. Rihanna tweeted: Why aren’t we talking about this?

Rihanna tweet on farmers protest

Some news channels that support the government published headlines that portrayed Rihanna being “an ill-informed outsider” who was part of an “plot to divide India” and also stating the “propaganda will not win”.

One anchor in what was interpreted as an Islamophobic remark – asked what Barbadian singer was referred to as Rihanna Or Rehana.

Mia Khalifa farmers protest FAQS:

Q1. When does farmers protest start?

The farmers’ protest started in August 2020 and ended in December 2021.

Q2. Why is Mia Khalifa tweet on Farmers Protest trending on social media?

Mia Khalifa tweet on Farmers Protest is trending on social platforms because famous star Mia Khalifa posted on Twitter to support Indian farmers. She posted some tweets on which the public have reacted in different ways. This issue has become controversial on social media as Indian people did not like the involvement of others in their internal issues.

Q3. Why do farmers start protesting?

Farmers started protesting when the government made three new controversial rules. These rules were made without discussing anything with farmers. Farmers disagreed with these rules because these rules were not in their Favour.

Q4. What was the first tweet of Mia Khalifa farmers protest?

When celebrity stars Rihanna and Greta Thunberg tweeted on the farmer’s protest, Mia Khalifa also wrote about the farmer’s protest. She wrote about the violation of human rights and the suspension of internet connections in Delhi.

Q5. Who started the protest first?

First, Sikh farmers noticed the danger of new rules made by the government. At last, they started protesting in Punjab along with other members. Gradually farmers from other parts of the country started protesting in their area. And it resulted in the emergence of all the farmers in protest.

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