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Dragon Fruit Health Benefits and Nutrition Fact

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Dragon Fruit Health Benefits and Nutrition Fact

Last Updated on February 9, 2022 by Aaron Thompson

Dragon fruit likewise called pitaya, pitahaya, or strawberry pear-is an individual from the Cactaceae family (desert flora species). The dazzling pink, bulb-formed organic product is known for its sweet, new taste and special, fancy appearance (its spiky scales give it its name). The meat of the winged serpent natural product might be either pink or white.

It is filled essentially in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. While the organic product is well known all through Asia and Central America, it is less ordinarily consumed in the United States. However, Dragon fruit can be a solid and delectable expansion to your eating regimen, as it contains nutrients, fiber, and surprisingly iron and sound fats.

Dragon Fruit Nutrition Fact

The accompanying sustenance data is given by the USDA to one 6-ounce (170g) serving of cubed mythical beast fruit.1

  • Calories: 102
  • Fat: 0g
  • Sodium: 0mg
  • Sugars: 22g
  • Fiber: 5g
  • Sugars: 13g
  • Protein: 2g


Dragon fruit is a normally low-calorie food, with a large portion of the calories coming from carb. There are two kinds of starch in mythical serpent organic product: normally happening sugars (13g per 6-ounce serving) and fiber. You’ll get 5 grams of fiber-or around 18% of your suggested day by day admission in a 6-ounce serving.

The specific glycemic list (GI) of Dragon Fruit has not been recorded, albeit one review gauges the glycemic list to be like that of a banana-or around 48 to 52.2 As a kind of perspective, food varieties with a GI of at least 55 are view as high glycemic food sources.


There is a tiny measure of fat in Dragon Fruit. The eatable seeds contain omega-3 unsaturated fats, omega 6-unsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fat which are altogether solid greasy acids.3


Winged serpent natural product gives a limited quantity of protein, around 2 grams for every serving.

Nutrients and Minerals

Dragon fruit gives L-ascorbic acid and riboflavin, alongside around 17% of your day by day suggested admission of magnesium-a mineral that is liable for helping with many biochemical responses in the body. Dragon fruit likewise contains iron, niacin, and calcium.

Medical advantages

In the same way as other leafy foods, Dragon fruit contains fiber, nutrients, minerals, and cancer prevention agents that have helpful characteristics. You can cure ED using  Tadalista 40  and Tadalista 60 mg Online prescribed that circulatory system to the penis advanced strategy for love life.

Helps Build and Heal Cells

L-ascorbic acid (L-ascorbic corrosive) is fundamental for great bone construction, ligament, muscle, and veins. It advances wound recuperating, and it might likewise assist with forestalling disease.4

L-ascorbic acid should consume in the eating regimen on the grounds that our bodies can’t make it normally. L-ascorbic acid likewise helps with the assimilation of iron, and winged serpent natural product is one of the uncommon organic products that contain some iron (around 1mg per 6-ounce serving, or 7% of the everyday esteem).

Diminishes Inflammation

Dragon fruit is wealthy in flavonoids, one of the many kinds of cancer prevention agents that can assist with fixing cell harm brought about by oxidative pressure and lessen irritation. Thus, this can assist the body with warding off some constant diseases.5

Works on Digestive Health

Fiber assists with supporting satiety, further develop assimilation and consistency, and may assist with bringing down blood cholesterol. Current FDA rules suggest 28 grams of fiber each day. Fiber additionally gives numerous other medical advantages, including the diminished danger of certain sorts of malignant growth, weight, cardiovascular illness, and diabetes.

Oversees Blood Sugar

In an assortment of four investigations, mythical serpent natural product seems to further develop glucose in individuals with pre-diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, mythical beast natural product didn’t seem to give huge results. Yet there was a pattern in further developing blood glucose with higher portions of winged serpent natural product. More investigations are justified to close mythical serpent organic products impact on blood glucose.67


There have been restricted reports of hypersensitive responses to Dragon fruit or to organic product juice containing winged serpent natural product. Detailed side effects included bothersome. Enlarged red skin, expanding around the mouth, and extreme itching.8

On the off chance that you speculate an aversion to winged serpent natural product. Address your medical care supplier to get a legitimate finding. Assuming you or somebody close to you encounters an extreme response in the wake of consuming the organic product, specialists suggest that you call 911. Hypersensitivity (an extreme unfavorably susceptible response) can be dangerous, so it is essential to look for guaranteed clinical consideration.

Adverse Effects

There has just restricted examination into whether or not winged serpent natural product cooperates with medications.9 Study creators suggest that patients talk with their medical services supplier to get the most customized data in regards to their prescriptions and potential communications.


There are three primary sorts of Dragon Fruit: white tissue with pink skin, red tissue with pink skin, and white tissue with yellow skin. The taste and dietary advantages of the natural product are something very similar, paying little mind to shade.

Many individuals depict the tissue as having a pear-like taste with traces of berry and watermelon. The tissue has a surface that is frequently contrasted with kiwi, and the little dark seeds are consumable, similarly as in kiwi.

Mythical serpent eye organic product isn’t equivalent to mythical serpent organic product. Mythical serpent eye organic product is one more name for the longan, which connect with the lychee.

Whenever It’s Best

The top season for mythical beast natural products is summer to late summer. The hardest part about purchasing mythical beast natural products might be tracking down it in your neighborhood market. Some, yet not all, significant supermarkets will convey the natural product yet most Asian business sectors will sell it. A few ranchers markets might have them also, contingent upon the piece of the nation where you reside.

Search for new organic products with a radiant pink tone. Keep away from any mythical beast natural product with withered stems or earthy colored markings. The tissue should yield marginally when squeezed. However, assuming there are none accessible that are ready, you can purchase a firm leafy foods it age for a little while.

Once in a while Dragon fruit juice is more promptly accessible than entire natural products. The juice contains significant nutrients and minerals, however, it doesn’t have the fiber that the natural product provides.3 Also, some winged serpent natural product drinks are really blends of a few unique kinds of juice and can give a significant measure of sugar. Or then again they advertise as “Dragon fruit flavor,” yet don’t really contain winged serpent natural product.

On the off chance that you can’t observe the entire winged serpent natural product in your nearby market, you can likewise purchase a frozen cubed mythical beast organic product, which is similar as sound. However, make certain to check the fixings rundown to ensure that you are purchasing simply the organic product (with no additional syrups or sugars).

Storage and Food Safety

Ready Dragon fruit will keep at room temperature for a couple of days. Or then again, store in the cooler in a plastic sack. Try not to cut the organic product until you prepare to eat it; when cut, it should be refrigerated in a sealed shut compartment. Assuming your Dragon fruit begins to become brown or soft, dispose of it.



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