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Factors to Consider when Planning International Sales

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Factors to Consider when Planning International Sales

Last Updated on August 2, 2021 by Aaron Thompson

In short, international marketing involves deciding on your marketing mix on a prospective market outside the native market of your firm. Some might term it the coordination of a company’s marketing tactics essential for the sale of products and services on a foreign market.

Why International Businesses Need Sales Strategies?

Another very important reason why international marketing needs to be considered by firms is to receive a $10 trillion in products and services transferred across borders each year. This might lead to a big increase in revenues for the firm that advertises itself correctly internationally.
Not only may companies expand their income globally if they sell themselves. But they are also confronted with several difficulties. Not generally experienced in domestic commercialization.

Important Elements to Consider

International marketing differs greatly from home marketing. There are several problems in foreign marketing that a company does not typically have to deal with in its home country while marketing. In taking any worldwide marketing choice, the following are important elements to consider.

Language Barriers

In international marketing language, especially translation must be extremely carefully addressed. In worldwide advertising, there have been several embarrassing errors that probably did not assist firms to market their products.
A notable example was the initial Chinese translation of Coca-Cola which meant “to dick the wax tadpole,” or “female horse filled with wax,” according to the dialect of the Chinese translation. At
General Motors, nobody recognized the translation for their automobile name, “Nova” in South America, meant that “it will not go.”
This is the point where an international trade consultant offer services. Many international businesses hire a multilingual salesperson to enter the international market.

Cultural Differences

Whether the firm is successful or not can decide the cultural difference. Unless the product or service adds value or satisfies the wishes of local markets, you don’t have to sail! It is important to have an intimate knowledge of who lives and what they value in the community. Take into account that:
It is vitally crucial to know how to operate between the “local” marketplaces. Do not overlook culturally diverse impacts. To pursue an international undertaking, you must be willing to devote considerable time and work. First, search for cultural understanding.

Regulations and Legal Conditions

It is possible to carry out business in international markets if the company is flexible enough to function in accordance with local rules and regulations. Aspects for review like:
It is strongly recommended that you seek out competent lawyers who work in foreign businesses to detect risks that may hinder your business while assessing legal and regulatory commitments. Do not scrimp at the expense, it may save you in the long term by employing abroad legal professional advice.


A good deal of sales strategy consulting firms in Dubai provides businesses with sales plans for the international market. It might be profitable to expand to uncharted seas of the international market. But it may turn into a nightmare without proper knowledge of the global market. Must consider the above-discussed hurdles to understand their solutions.

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