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Here is Why Online Carrom Craze Will Not Die Anytime Soon

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Online carrom

Last Updated on April 29, 2022 by Aaron Thompson

Online carrom has been very popular recently, with the dominance of gaming apps constantly increasing in the online market. People of all ages have been flocking in numbers to play the game on any platform they can get their hands on.

Carrom players in India have a cult following with really devoted players. The history associated with the game and players’ enthusiasm has made more people get on the hype train of online carrom. Due to the pandemic, the possibility of going out and enjoying a game with your regular mates has been put on hold. Due to this fact, people have been stuck at home glued to their digital devices, searching for exciting things to engage online and have some good fun with. Carrom seemed to tick all the right boxes. To play carrom online, players have to get the right app, and from there, they can take on several opponents looking for capable competition on the Internet.

The game has only recently taken to the market by introducing many new features and styles. Here we can see why the craze of carrom will last and keep entertaining people with more fun.

Easy to Play

Among old classic games, carrom ranks among the easiest to play. Even the most novice players can get on the app and learn online carrom by playing only a few rounds. The rules are straightforward and relatively easy to understand. The online version has completely similar game mechanics to the actual board game. To begin the game, the player that goes first gets to choose white as their set of pawns.

The main format of the game involves the player getting to play the color right into four pockets along with the red pawn before their opponent so that they can win the game. Scoring the red pawn, at last, doesn’t count as a win, but you have to keep an extra pawn to cover the red to make it your own. This is the only difficult trick the game offers the players.

In another format, the game is played when each pawn has a valuation; the black pawn is valued at 10, the red is valued at 50, and the white is valued at 20. Here players do not have any restrictions on the pieces, and they can pocket as many pieces as they like. The player with the highest score wins the game, as plain as that.

Passionate players

Carrom is a trendy sport play in almost every bylane in India. If you walk the localities, you will always find a group of players huddling around a giant game board, waiting for their chance to play. The culture of playing carrom runs deep in the sentiment of these players, and they are very enthusiastic about it. The common factor observe in players is that they can even fuel other players with the same fire and get them involved in the game, gradually spreading its popularity in numbers. The game involves debates, emotional exchanges, and heroic turnabouts that make it even more endearing to these players. The fact that carrom has now shifted to online platforms has given them more access to the moment and get more hours playing the game than they could do before physically.

No need to wait

Online carrom has a ton of players playing matches all the time. Players who come online to play do not have to waste their precious time searching for rivals. It also diminishes the time wasted dawdling around waiting for your turn. Someone is always available on the other side to play the game and most definitely proper players and not just amateur ones. To get several players on board for the physical game, you have to chase players and gather them, which is inconvenient and drains your energy.

It ties you to your childhood

Board games always have bittersweet memories with players that remind them of their early childhood. The players, starting from millennials to boomers, grew up on these. Still, as they got older, the possibility of going back and experiencing those past moments got less as finding the time to get more people together and arrange the equipment seemed like an impossible task.

When carrom reemerged online, these people found themselves drawn to the prospect of reliving their memories through the game. The games do not take much of your headspace but make you happier with their olden tidbits.

Convenience of Playing

Light gaming helps players relax their minds and keep them in the flow. Online carrom does not call for any commitment from the player. The game can be enjoy and play at any time and anywhere. This makes it popular and has choices over other games that might require constant attention. The game is surprisingly undemanding despite the fun it generates for the players. This factor makes it quite a crowd-puller and one of the best games to enjoy daily.

The central aspect revolving around the rising craze of carrom is the convenience and availability of the app. Anyone with a decent device can play it, and the game is among the simplest form of board games. Carrom is also an intricate part of Indian culture and has won the hearts of countless players through nostalgia and childhood emotion. Given the rise in users daily, the craze for this app does not seem to diminish and only grows with time.

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