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How to Improve Your Office Bathroom?

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Last Updated on August 2, 2021 by Aaron Thompson

Bathrooms are the space that reflects the company’s investment. People often measure the quality of the bathrooms. This article will cover the importance of clean and well-maintained bathrooms. And how you can keep your office bathroom improved and hygienic.

Why is it important to keep your office bathroom neat and clean?

The well designed, clean and hygienic bathroom creates a better impact on the employees. There are many reasons why you should keep your office bathrooms cleaned every time. If your bathroom is dirty or unhygienic, your employee’s health may be at risk because of the viruses and bacteria present in there. Secondly, no one likes untidy bad-smelling bathrooms. Wet surfaces, dirty tiles, dirty toilets, and bad smells create a bad impression of that place. It can make your employees feel bad about their job.

There are several ways that you can use to revamp your office bathroom. Towel radiators UK are becoming more common in many luxury bathrooms. Thirdly, poor air ventilation also creates a bad image of the place. It can make the air in the surrounding area uncomfortable and unpleasant. Moreover, uncleaned and wet bathrooms can make the floor slippery and lead to slipping or falls. It can affect both clients and employees.

Easy ways to revamp

  1. Upgrade the toilet paper

Use good quality toilet paper, and instead of buying single sheet rolls, buy double-ply rolls. Check for some good brands available in the market.

  1. Pay attention to lights

Lights play a big role in making the area look good. Use soft and low lights that will enhance the bathroom. Make sure to use suitable colours. Do not opt for too dim lights, especially in the women’s bathroom.

  1. Embrace colours and patterns

It should look bright and decent. You can add unique patterns and colours to bring some life into space. You can also add wallpapers and accent colours. Colours affect emotions and mood, so they should be delightful. Go for the colours that do not make the dirt prominent.

  1. Use air freshener

Bad smelling bathrooms put a bad impression on visitors. To prevent bad and foul smells, use a scent diffuser and natural scents that are not too strong. You can add decoration pieces filled with potpourri.

  1. Buy a good hand soap.

Not all soaps smell good. So, do remember to use good smelling soaps in the bathrooms. There is a variety of soaps in the market. Do opt for the scented and moisturising soap.

Tips to improve your office bathroom hygiene

  • Get the bathrooms clean regularly and keep checking if it is presentable.
  • Bad odours are associated with dirty and unhygienic spaces. Make sure your bathroom smells nice.
  • Stock your bathroom with good quality hand soap. It may include moisturising soap, heavy-duty cleaning soap or sanitising soap.
  • Add the facilities of hand drying in your office bathroom. You can go for an air dryer or disposable towels. If you are using traditional towels, make sure they are clean.
  • Keep a dustbin in the bathroom because that is a must-have.


Now you know how much it is to keep your bathroom neat and clean. Make sure your office bathroom has all the important things that have been discussed above.

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