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How to Qualify for a Loan When You’re New to Credit

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Last Updated on August 11, 2021 by Aaron Thompson

Is it the first time that you struggle to meet your ends? When you need financial help, a personal loan is the best way to meet your needs. Since you are new to credit, you will have to consider a lot of things to borrow in the right manner. For first-time borrowers, the process of borrowing looks challenging, but it is very easy. A few things in mind and you are all good. To start the process of borrowing, your responsibility will increase.

Starting from the time you borrow, your every credit activity will be judged and your future financial opportunities will rely on them. Now, coming back to your personal loan approval, you need to consider some factors that the loan provider will screen. Since you are new to credit, your credit history will not offer much information about you. Things like job stability, income, financial background and various other factors will be seen. If you know the factors that your application will be screened on, you will work better towards qualifying for an online personal loan. Take a look at all the steps that you must take to qualify for an instant personal loan for the very first time!

Is it difficult to qualify for the first Personal loan?

First time borrowing experience is surely not a difficult one, but it is a little complicated. Since there is very little to zero credit information available about you, the loan provider struggles to focus on various other aspects to understand the risk. You are above an individual with a bad credit score and below an individual with a score of 750 or more. This may seem difficult, but it is easy once you borrow and then keep a good clean track record. There are various other things that you need to focus on. Things like income, job stability, employer and financial background. If all of these are fine, you will get an instant personal loan easily. Since this is the start, you need to plan well for an easy approval. It will make your borrowing so effective and perfect in all terms.

Ways to qualify for a first time borrowing?

Things work differently for a person new to credit and for a person with a long credit journey. There is not much to find about credit when a person has just started their financial journey. However, there are eligibility criteria to meet even for new credit individuals. Let’s take a look at how a new credit borrower will find ways to get an easy approval.

A good income

If you do not have a good credit score or credit history, you will need a good income. When individuals new to credit have a high income, it will be easy for them to get approval. A good income means there is no risk of repayment. Individuals with a high income can easily manage EMI and all other expenses every month. This is the criteria that plays a huge role for individuals in their very first borrowing experience. When you decide to borrow, make sure you increase your source of income so that it is easy for you to meet the needs with easy approval. Since loan providers will not get much information about your credit history, they will be very strict about your income. Increase your income and convince the financial institutions to help you with easy loan approval.

Job stability

A permanent full-time job is important for people new to credit. A stable, full-time, permanent job profile will help in qualifying for a loan. Individuals during their probation period or leaving jobs too many times at small intervals, are not taken as stable. It has become difficult for them to qualify for a loan. Job stability means you are able to stick to an employment with a fixed source of income to pay off your debt. This will help with easy approval of your loan. When credit score does not play a role in approval, the financial institutions focus on how stable an individual is in terms of employment stability. A stable job ensures a fixed income and savings.


The employer plays an important role in determining credit eligibility. If you are working for a government employer, chances are your employment is permanent and there are no chances of getting laid off. This is the best stability and security a loan provider would look for in people with new credit. There are various multinationals and reputed organizations that also offer a lot of stability and growth. Choose a stable career with reputed employers so that it is easy to convince the financial institutions.

Wrapping up

For a smooth and easy personal loan apply online, visit Clix Capital. The best rates for instant personal loans will make your borrowing affordable. It is easy for a person new to credit to get an online personal loan to meet any sort of emergency or crisis.

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