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How to Set-up your Virtual Clinic in India

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Last Updated on July 21, 2021 by Aaron Thompson

The telemedicine apps got much popularity in the pandemic phase, but the ease in restriction doesn’t mean the virtual clinic will lose its demand. On the contrary, people have experienced the convenience and seamless flow of these apps for the listing of doctors and will stick to them forever now. It allows people to reach the best doctors across the globe for medical advice. Moreover, they do not have to spend time and money traveling.

The practice management software offers a cost-effective way for doctors to carry out their practice. As the apps are accessible from anywhere, anytime, it also gives a chance to reach more people. Owing to the comfort and the economic benefits, most doctors opting for setting up the virtual clinic for managing doctor practice.

Benefits of setting up a virtual clinic

There are plenty of advantages to setting up a virtual clinic. Some of them are:

  • Provide consultation across the globe.
  • Increased patient inflow for the specializations like dietician and dermatology.
  • Avoid the infrastructural costs as you do not have to invest in a place.
  • Deal with the lack of workforce and save all the costs involved in hiring new employees.
  • Get a virtual assistant to do jobs that a receptionist manually does at the clinics.
  • Keep the patient data in modules that are accessible during each consultation. It helps you get rid of the stacks of files that lead to errors and confusion.

With all these benefits and many more, it becomes an ideal option to set up a clinic online for managing doctor practice. So let us dig deeper and understand the detailed process for that.

How to set up a virtual clinic in India?

If you are a doctor looking for the best way to set up a virtual clinic, this step-by-step guide will help you with the process.

Select the app

The most significant decision to make is to choose the right app for listing doctors. Spend the majority of time on this step as the future of your practice will depend on it. Browse the internet and explore every option before finalizing the platform. There are a plethora of options available, and it might get challenging to choose one. To ease the task, you should prefer taking a virtual tour of the app. Check if it has all that you require for managing doctor practice.

Send Registration Request

Once you decide which app for listing the doctors you want to choose, the next step is to request registration. Whether you are a doctor or a hospital, you would have to put in the necessary details like your license, registration ID, and likewise. Then, the team will verify the details and create a profile for you. 

Fill in the details

After you get access to the practice management software, you would have to create an elaborated profile. Make sure you put detailed information about the doctor and the team. Write about the services you provide, any awards and accolades that you have to your name. It has to be in a way that people get attracted and want to take the consultation from you.

Provide Consultation

There are different modes of consultation available on such apps. You can offer video, voice, and chat consultation mode to the patient and write and share the prescription with them. The face-to-face consultation feels like the actual physical interaction and is the most effective way of diagnosis.

Track and utilize the app features

For improved business and monetary benefits, the doctor would have to keep track of the operations. So spend enough time on the app, utilizing the features like data management and patient tracking. Other than this, encourage your patients to use this app and share the online clinic link with others for better reach.

With these steps, you will be able to set up a clinic for managing doctor practice. It will help the patients get the best medical advice, better diagnosis, and timely assistance. At the same time, the doctor gets better exposure and a broad audience. It increases credibility and gives the business a monetary boost.

So the vital step to setting up a clinic is to choose the best app for the listing of doctors and utilize it to the fullest. So pay attention to the steps mentioned above and enjoy the fruitful experience of practice management software.

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