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Usefulness of online chatting with the doctors

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online chat with doctor

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Last Updated on August 27, 2021 by Aaron Thompson

If you are feeling uneasy or ill, then you should visit a doctor. The doctor can quickly prescribe medications and suggest some useful therapies. But, today many doctors are not providing consultation services to the patients. Due to the pandemic situation, they are anxious to meet someone whom they do not know. Many people are suffering from corona virus and this disease can spread rapidly from one person to another. They are preventing physical and social contact to be safe and healthy. But, you can meet your physician online. Then, you can have online chat with doctor if you are experiencing any health problems.

Is online consultation favorable for patients?

Today, people are using smartphones to interact with the doctors or physicians. They can book for online appointment and meet doctors online. You need not travel extensively or incur conveyance expenses. You can interact with the doctor online and mention your health problems. The doctor listens to your problems and suggests some therapies or medications. You can personally interact with the doctor for 15 to 20 minutes. If you visit the physician in the clinic, then he may not give personal attention. The physicians can provide personal attention to the patients online. Using a Smartphone, you can do online chat with doctor. The patients can download application; seek for consultation, book for appointments, etc. They can also visit the online forum to discuss their health query. The technicians arrive home to collect blood samples and provide blood report online.  The doctor can access the medical documents online and check the medical history.

Disadvantages of online consultation

The doctor may not provide accurate diagnosis online as he cannot physically examine the patient. Some problems such as tumors, swellings, cysts, can be detected via physical examination only. Physical examinations are sometimes essential to a patient. If a person is suffering from milder symptoms today, he may experience severe symptoms after some days. A doctor who physically examines the patient can predict the severity of the patient. But, due to lack of physical examination, the doctor may not predict the problem of the patient. He usually provides medications based upon the patient’s symptoms. Sometimes, the patients do not clearly state their symptoms. The doctor may provide inaccurate diagnosis due to lack of communication. If a patient is serious, then he should be immediately admitted to the hospitals. Online consultation is not suitable for the patients who are experiencing severe symptoms.

Tele-consultation for the COVID patients

Today, many people are suffering from COVID problems and hence the people suffering from serious symptoms are only admitted to the hospital. The other patients suffering from mild symptoms should stay at home or an institution isolated. The patients who are undergoing quarantine can choose online medical consultation. They can download application online, book for online appointments, take consultation, etc. The technicians also collect blood samples and provide accurate report online. The doctors can electronically review the records and provide accurate diagnosis. They can always update their health status online to the doctors.

Today, during this pandemic situation, the doctors are providing online medical consultation to prevent corona virus.

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