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Top 8 Exclusive Designing Ideas for Custom Macaron Boxes

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Last Updated on September 20, 2021 by Aaron Thompson

Every company wants its product to be perfect for this purpose, they perform many tasks for developing the customer’s trust in the company. They design their packaging attractive that engages the customer’s attention to the products. In the same way, Macaron Boxes businesses also want most customers to buy macarons from their shop to earn a profit. 

Importance of Packaging in Macaron Business

Always remember that your packaging does not only involve the attractions, it also should be sustainable and durable that can protect your macarons from damages. Custom macaron boxes are commonly use for this purpose because they will attract customers because they are designed excellently. Your custom macaron boxes can help in increasing your sales and engage more customers with your macarons. Additionally, you can also use lamination that can make your boxes more durable and protective. It provides the cover to your boxes and does not allow the dust to enter inside the boxes. So you cannot avoid packaging, especially for food products, the following are some ideas for creatively designing your custom macaron boxes. 

Die-cut/ Window Boxes 

With the innovation in the technology, packaging industries use different modern machines for making packaging more convenient and make the way that attracts the customers in a better way by providing them eye-catching custom macaron boxes. Die-cut is a trendy packaging and perfect for the macaron. In a die-cut or window, there is cutting of boxes in a specific shape from its front. Macarons look delicious, so if you use the die-cut boxes, it will play a double role it attracts the customer from macarons and their packaging. In such a way, macarons are itself yummy, and the custom macaron box is also attractive, so it enhances the beauty of both. It allows the customer’s visibility to the macarons. Customers also feel satisfied while purchasing the macaron because they can easily see the macaron placed inside the custom macaron packaging

Macaron Boxes with Fence Partition

As you observe that the macarons are tangible products, so you also need proper packaging for it that is not subjecte to break. So macaron boxes with fence partitions are the best for their safety. It provides a professional and luxury look to macaron and attracts customers. It’s the best way to boost your sales. These eco-friendly macaron boxes are made up of good quality material. You can also use these boxes for gifts to inspire your customers. Because of it robust packaging, you can also use it for shipping purpose.

Pyramid Macaron Boxes

The shape of these macaron boxes is like a pyramid. This is a unique and attention seeker box for the customers. These boxes are mostly made up of kraft and cardboard materials. You can use these boxes with 2-3 macarons in them because their size is small, and the shape of this box does not have spare space. These boxes are use in events for providing snacks to the customers. But its unique shape can attract the customer. You can also use these macaron boxes in the retail industry for the attraction of the customers.

Gable Boxes for Macaron

Gable boxes are use in retail industries to the customers’ needs in bulk. You can order macaron boxes wholesale at affordable prices from the website. These boxes are bigger in size and have a large space where you can place your macaron. Additionally, these boxes have handles so customers can easily hold these boxes and do not feel difficulty in carrying macarons from one place to another. It also has the lock at its top, so your macaron is safe in it even if you are leaping the box and it does not open itself. 

Use Themed Base Designing Approach for Macaron

Customization can allow you to design your custom printed macaron boxes according to your desire. You can choose any theme and design for your boxes. But it is preferre to use the theme of your company or business. For example, use those colors that represent your company or business. Customers can easily understand your brand if you use the same color for your macaron boxes that you used in your shop or manufacturing place. Hence, you can also change the theme according to the events like if it is a Christmas, you can print Christmas-related pictures on the boxes that enhance the beauty of the boxes and engage the attention of the customers as well as inspire your customers that you contribute in customer’s happiness. 

Two-Piece Semi Circle Boxes

These boxes have a semi-circle shape, but they can also protect your maroons as the fence partition. These are high-quality made boxes and attract customers shortly because of their unique shape. These custom macaron boxes can also be used for serving gifts to your loved ones. It consists of two pieces, one is where you place your macarons, and the other is the cover of the boxes. However, these boxes also give a luxury look to your macarons.

Heart-Shaped Macaron Boxes

These are attractive heart-shape boxes that can make the environment pleasant. The unique shapes of the boxes are a brilliant way to engage the customer’s attraction toward the macarons. These types of shape boxes are commonly use for gift purposes. There are many colors and designs for boxes you can choose any or print any design you want.

Add-ons for Custom Macaron Boxes

The add-ons can enhance the look of the boxes and make your boxes more secure. Similarly, your custom macaron boxes are secure, so they prevent your macarons in a better way. Following are some add-ons that you can use for your boxes:

Foil Stamping on Macaron Boxe: Foil stamping can enhance the grace of your macaron boxes. Eoil stamping can engage the customers from far away because of its shiny look. Foil stamping is mostly the company’s name or logo. 

Spot UV on Macaron Packaging: Spot UV can enhance the quality of the boxes. This coating can save the macaron from moisture and keep it crispy till consuming. Spot UV can give a glossy look to your custom macaron boxe and can easily attract customers. 


Custom Packaging is full of designs and creativity. There are a lot of styles in it, but it also allows you to design your custom macron boxes according to your desired shape, design, and colors. Here are some adorable designs for macaron you can order now or design your own custom macaron boxe.

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