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What can you do when someone steals your content?

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Last Updated on August 11, 2021 by Aaron Thompson

Content is public when posted on social media.  It takes several hours to create proficient content. But it’s frustrating when someone steals and copies it. Content may include articles, web designs, graphics, or images. Individuals invest their precious time in creating websites, but at last, someone steals and carries off your credit. It’s so tragic.

When the original article is uploaded on social networks, it automatically gets secured with copyright. If similar content is republished on the other website, then it is a case of embezzlement.

The main question arises why people steal your text. Your content doesn’t need to be stolen to deceive you. The case may be that individuals are not well versed that stealing other’s web design can be illegal or unethical. To avoid copyright infringement, you must obtain permission to reuse the content.

Well, there are specific ways to identify if your content is stolen or not. You can download leading tools to track web design thieves easily. For example, google alerts and Copyscape are well-known content trackers.

What to do when content is stolen

  • Primary step

When you come to know about your stolen web designs, either yourself or from other sources, act calm. Actions in aggression can affect you in the future. If you aggressively take action with that person, he might refuse to deal with you. The way you tackle the situation will determine the outcomes.

  • Collect proof

Once you find your articles on another site, take a screenshot of them. For more substantial proof, screenshot your original document along with uploaded content on your website. Also, capture the results from google alerts or Copyscape.

  • Find the owner

If you want that your content should be removed, then contact the owner. Ask them to cut out the content published on their website. If they disagree, show them the proof stating that you are the owner of the content and did not provide permission to republish it.

You can find the owner from the website itself; if not, you have to contact the web host.

Sometimes owners don’t know that the web design on their website is copied. So, be polite first. Graciously send an email or message. You may receive an apology letter from the owner. If not, then you can pursue further steps.

  • Contact ISP

If the owner did not respond to your emails by the listed date, contact their ISP to take the website down. If you prove that your content is copied or stolen, then ISP will suspend the website. You must assure that web designs are yours and they don’t have permission to use it.

  • Post on social media

If you are sure that your content is copied, then you can call them publicly. Post all your proof on social media. If you have followers, then it can help. They may join you and help you to take down that website.

This step is crucial as it involves the public. It may create a positive or negative impact on you. So you have to work carefully.

  • Legal action

If the owner still doesn’t answer and is still on the website, you can take legal action without hesitating. This process can be expensive, but it guarantees results. The lawyer will send a letter to the owner. He would state that the web designs owner is using are copyrighted mediums, and the owner has to take the website down. Otherwise, he has to face legal actions.

  • Front end solutions

You can do various things to prevent the content from being stolen. At the front end, you can specify that the text is copyrighted. You can post copyright notices that will reduce fraud. You can also create software to prevent thefts of your web design.

Otherwise, you can search if the content is copied or not using your keywords. This might help a lot. Content theft is a common problem that every website owner deals with. It may be frustrating when your text is stolen. With all these measures, you can ensure that your article is secured and unique. Larger the website, the larger the competitors. Many people will try to take your credit, but you must protect your hard work.

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