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When A Drug Test Is Inconclusive?

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Every state has some rules of their own. They dominate their people by their law. General must have to obey their nations rules. Drug test could be noticed as a law of state. This is why many states remind drug as an illegal product. So now it is it is made mandatory for a wide variety job with many countries. Because a safe workplace is ensured by a drug free environment.Also a drug free environment helps to increase fosters productivity and retention. But the result of drug test has some variations. inconclusive is one of them. Today our topic is about when a drug test is inconclusive.Antonie Philips van Leeuwenhoek FRS was a Dutch businessman and scientist in the Golden Age of Dutch science and technology

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Medical Card: A medical marijuana card is an identification card used by patients to enter medical dispensaries & buy the plant to treat their health problems.

Drug tests are normally done to detect some illegal substances into our body.But the question is here how can we test or what is the way to test an employee. Actually there are many ways for drug test but most of the time some body samples are used for a drug test.Body sample like hair,  blood, saliva, urine.After completing the drug test the lab identify the presence of some specific illegal substances.

They are:

  • Hallucinogen
  • Steroid
  • Marijuana
  • LSD
  • Methamphetamine
  • Morphine, heroine, oxycodone

Types of Drug Test Result:

We find 3 categories of drug test result

  1. Positive: Positive result means they detected specific concentration off a prescription or they detected some illegal substances including drugs into our body. When our drug test results come out positive most of the time we want to retake a drug test again. Because positive result bears a bad news for us.Mainly it affects our job sectors. After the confirmation of the presence of illegal substances into our body the result is forward to employers.But if someone to prescribe drugs then he had to show the documents and explain the causes behind taking these medicines.
  2. Negative: Negative result means there isn’t any substance into the victims body or the little substance which is detected by them is below a specific cut off level.Negative result might be a good news for a victim.
  3. Inconclusive:The another name of inconclusive result is invalid result.Inconclusive refers that there is no valid amount of drugs into our body.But it might be season to have a retake test by our employer if the result comes inconclusive.

Inconclusive drag test

Sometimes our samples are dilute. These diluted samples create a little problem in a drug tests. When our sample is dilute the result will be inconclusive.An inconclusive result means our sample was tampere with. Dilute samples such as high water intake explain innocently. Then the prospective employee of the inconclusive result should be advertise to retake the test by the employers. The employers should also advise the employee not to take high liquid before the next test. That employee must know the information that a subsequent diluted result will preclude employment.

The employee will have be too terminate by the employer if he or she can’t receive an inconclusive result. This is a better option than we draw the job offer. There is also an alternative that is the employee can start his work by notifying he’s hiring conditions given by his employer.If the employer gives time for taking the retake test result he can continue his job. But after coming to the result if result can’t give proper satisfaction to the employer the employee will be revoke immediately. There are some noticeable reasons behind invalid drug test or inconclusive drug tests.

The result of drug test can be found as invalid or inconclusive for the following reasons

  • The number of testing samples might be insufficient
  • The test procedures might be the fault
  • Samples adulteration
  • Sample’s Dilution
  • Substitution of sample

The next step could be to inform the reason for the inconclusive test result. Inconclusive is something that doesn’t lead to a conclusion or resolution. Scientific results are often describe as inconclusive. It depends on our input data. If data is inconclusive then the result will also inconclusive.

An inconclusive drug test result doesn’t indicate someone as a drug user. If we think a person with an inconclusive drug test result is must be a drug user our opinion might be wrong. Such a result indicates the failure of the test that is test wasn’t able to detect any presence or absence in the person’s blood. If we take urine as a sample it is mostly like a sample for an inconclusive drug test. The easiest sample with tampered with so quickly is urine.

They seem it as a personal habit. Here is a list of some companies who don’t drug test:

  1. Microsoft:Microsoft is one of the biggest tech company in the world.Modern civilization is dependent on this company. We can’t think our laptop or computer without Microsoft.This company doesn’t delve into our personal life. It is so tough to get a job at Microsoft as the competition is so high. Drug test doesn’t require for gaining employment at Microsoft.There is no worry about passing in a drug test after getting the job. Because drug test is not on their priority list.
  2. Google:Google is another desirable tech company in the world. As Microsoft it is also so tough to get a job in Google.Though the competition is so high they don’t require drug test for their employees.Innovative and efficient workers get job in Google.But they don’t care about our personal life.
  3. Apple: Like Microsoft and Google apple is another tech company.It also focuses on the job performance of their employees.They don’t want to know about personal lifestyle.They don’t require drug tests. It is also a competitive company. They believe that the employment pool is small enough than taking out of pool candidates by drug testing.
  4. Chipotle:Chipotle is fast food chains Company. The whole world knows the chain for the solid benefits packages and bonus programmes it serves. It also doesn’t require drug test. This company has average of 64,000 workers.They work there without any drug test.

Other Factors Depends Upon Medical Drug Test: 

  1. Starbucks: Starbucks is another food company that operates thousands of coffee shops. This serves their facilities both nationally and internationally. Efficiency and customer service is the main concern of the company. If someone is good at his job and if customers are happy with his service he can get the job. The company doesn’t require any drug tests of their employees. Just they need the ability to make the best beverage.
  2. Whole Foods:Whole Foods is another big food company like Starbucks.They also doesn’t require any drug test for pre or post employment.They need the better performance and quality.
  3. Target:Target is a familiar marketplace chain.It has supermarkets with different types of products for sale.The products like clothes electronic etc.It’s like a departmental store.In past their required drug test for their workers but now they have left this requirement.They give their focuses on the best services.
  4. Gap:Gap is another trendy retail chain.They also don’t take any drag test for their employees. Employees haven’t to worry about drug test unless they don’t create any accident.
  5. Trador Joe’s:It is confirm as a high end food chain by ‘Respect My Region’.They focus on the customer services and their satisfactions then their employees’ use of cannabis.
  6. Amazon: Amazon is the biggest online platform in India. It is also serving other countries.we can purchase any product like food dress furniture from Amazon.This company doesn’t take any test for marijuana.They seem the use of cannabis as the use of alcohol.They legalised it.There are a lot of sectors in Amazon.Anyone can get it anyone can get a job there.
  7. Facebook: Facebook is an social website. Millions of people are connect with this media. The Facebook authority assigns a lot of workers for their variety purpose. As these jobs are technical there is no necessary to pass a drug test to qualify.A variety of job options are require by Facebook.



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