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An insight guide on your favourite fruits

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Last Updated on March 14, 2022 by Aaron Thompson

Lychee is a fruit that is rich in nourishment and flavour. It is a tropical tree that is native to southeast and southwest China. Which has become the main producer, followed closely by India and other nations in Southeast Asia and then by Madagascar and South Africa. The tree from which lychee fruits is extracted from a tall and evergreen tree and looks very aesthetic. The evergreen leaves grow from 12.5 to 20 centimeters and are pointed and pinnate. The bark is greyish-black colour while the branches are brownish-red in colour. These trees bear fruits that take 80 to 112 days to mature. This range is entirely dependent on the climatic conditions, location at which it is grown and the cultivator. The fruits have varying shapes and sizes but the most common ones come in an oval shape that can reach the length of 5 cm and width of 4 cm. the more uncommon shapes are ovoid and heart-shaped. 

These fruits can normally weigh up to 20 grams. These fruits have a tough, thin skin on the outside, usually, the colour of green when unripe and then turning to red when ripe, this acts as a sort of protection for the soft pulp inside the fruit. It has small studs on the skin which gives it a rough texture, cementing the claim that it is there for protection. The edible part of the fruit is white colored and has a sweet flavor. Inside the fleshy part is the seed which has a dark red colour and usually ranges from 1 to 3.3 cm in length and 106 to 1.2 cm in width. This is an expensive fruit due to it having more fleshy parts that the consumer can eat and is usually eaten fresh after harvesting.

Do you like blood orange?

Blood orange, also known as raspberry orange is a kind of orange that looks like a regular, normal orange from the outside but on the inside, it has blood-colored flesh. This nutritious fruit is native to Italy and Spain and its origin can be traced back to the southern Mediterranean where it has been grown since the 18th century. They are cultivated in the winter and fall season which ensures that the anthocyanins, which gives the orange its distinct maroon colour are developed as it only develops when temperatures are low.

There are three most common types of blood oranges; Tarocco, the Sanuinello, and the Moro. Moro is the most colorful of the other types, having bright red flesh. The flavor is also stronger as is the aroma. This type has a more bitter taste than the other two types, with a hint of raspberry also there. Tarocco is the sweetest of the three as well as being the most flavorful. This medium-sized fruit is duller in colour than the other two as the red is not too bright. Sanguinello is a sweet one and has a tender and soft flesh compared to the other two types.

All about Breadfruit

Breadfruit is a fruit that found its origins in New Guinea, the Philippines and the Maluku Islands but has since grown to be cultivated in 90 countries throughout the globe. The trees can grow to a maximum height of 26 m and have thick and very large leaves that are cut into pinnate shapes. This fruit is one of the highest yielding fruit, as one tree can produce more than 200 fruits in a single season. These fruits are usually oval in shape and weigh almost a quarter to half a kilogram. These factors depend on the climatic conditions of the area and the cultivator. The fruit is highly valued around the globe for its flavor and nutritional benefits.

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